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Opening the Well-Being Window

Opening the Well-Being Window

One of the coolest things about One Year No Beer is the daily email they send for the first 90 days of the challenge to keep you motivated and remind you why you chose to do this challenge in the first place. It’s been over 65 days now; 2/3 the way through. I don’t feel as deprived or socially awkward...


Friday the 13th has always been a lucky day.

It’s been one week now since starting the 8SAFE Elimination Diet with Kelly and I’m 60 Days into OYNB!! If you’ve done Whole30 or Paleo, you’ve got nothing on me. This is hard, very hard, but it’s getting easier.  Week one, I felt very sluggish. While I did a great job to prepare food earlier in the week, it only took...


A 5k Race and Alternate Dreams

I ran a 5k on Saturday morning. I did it alone. It’s always awkward to stand around at a race for a 1/2 hour by yourself when everyone seems to know someone there. That’s when you take photos of your feet and reflection. Though, it was fun to just take it all in, look at the outfit choices and watch...


Lots of Dough

How’s it going? I’ve been a little consumed this week by learning about studio and strobe lighting. I’ve invested – real money y’all – into my photography education to increase my skills. I have to say that every penny was worth it (and this is the first time I’ve paid to learn anything in photography). I am excited for the...


Hiking with David

Over the spring break, I connected with my friend David. We met up out at his place, near PA, and went for a short hike with our pups. He’s a bit tall, like giraffe tall, hence his leaning over and my hand up way high for a selfie.

How Not to Miss A Post

How Not to Miss A Post

For years now, I’ve written and scheduled my posts sometimes a week in advance. More recently, I was trying to keep up with Fitness Friday posts, but I’ve found it hard to update the post and track what my workouts have been at the end of the week in order to get it out on time. So, I’m trying something...