Monday, December 15, 2014

Slowing down to enjoy the final moments of 2014.

We've been rushing around to get ready for the holidays, and our (first forever home) annual holiday party was a success! We had our first fire here and plan to order wood to keep the fire going throughout the winter.

And Santa made a guest appearance on his fire truck to our party to give all the children a little gift. It was the highlight of our evening, and the kiddos were super excited to sit on Santa's lap! Go me ;D

My mind has been ruminating far too much. I'll be taking time off of social media for awhile, a few weeks (or months) break from posting and investing my time on Twitter, IG, and my Facebook Page.

I have a lot of creative projects to finish up this winter, and I'd like to put my focus into those. I will still blog and I am currently coming up with a schedule to continue into the new year. I don't believe I'll be here five days a week or every day as in years past, but I will be focusing on more interesting or useful content and a bit less of our daily family life.

I'm going to follow what my heart is telling me and get back to my roots here in photography.

I hope you'll join me on the adventure that 2015 brings.

- kn -

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hairy Extremes.

Hair has always been a funny thing for me. I've been fearless when it comes to changing it up. I always say I'm growing it out to then shortly thereafter chop it off.

I'm have been amazed when I look back at old photos of the time when I went super short. I think it really fits my cheekbones, but man, I think it made my hips look big ;)

Chris isn't a huge fan of the short hair, but I have a feeling one day I'll be brave enough to go back to that place and keep it up for awhile... I just need more muscles to balance it out first.

And then there's the longest hair I've had since pre-middle school days. It took me two years of fighting my urges to chop it all off every time I got a hair cut. About two weeks ago, I went shorter.

It was great, but I am not a high maintenance kind of girl. I don't wear make-up, I like to let my hair do it's natural thing, and I like to dress comfortably. So, after thinking about it for several weeks, I went back to my usual below the chin hairstyle with a bit of layers tossed in for something new.

I'm not sure where my hair will grow in the future, but I can be sure it'll be fun to watch the styles change and the length go up and down.

- kn -
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Monday, December 8, 2014

Best of 2014.

Went to the gym today at 5am and it was a miracle. I definitely will be writing about my workouts in the morning again soon. Today was just to get the habit started again, 6.5 miles on the bike. I'm usually up at 5am half awake while Chris gets ready, but worrying about the day ahead. I'm taking it one day at a time; not declaring 5am forever as my workout time, as I have enough pressure I put on myself already!

So far, so good. Finally had my kale and banana smoothie again, too. Yum!

Last week, I was looking through my old posts and I decided to put together some of my favorite images and moments from the year. I dialed back on clients this year, with all the transitions in housing and career, but I am still blown away by some of the gems. I know it's a bit early, as there is a bit of the year left, but I am thinking maybe in the future I'll do a best-of for the month :D

Last January, at the playground with Miles. It was an unusually slightly warmer day.

That time I tried to do a hair tutorial. I'm definitely not destined to be a hair/beauty expert.

Fun at the beach with a sweet family. I love the breeze in her hair.

The second image just makes me ponder, I love the depth and inquisitiveness in his eyes.

The beach. The moments. Love. Love. Love.

As Miles deems this photo the "Bambi in Heaven" photo. She was in heaven that day in the sun.

Twins! Lots of cute twins this year :)

He melts my heart.

This couple. These friends. So thankful. And, they photograph so well ;)

More twins! Love these little two guys and their family.

Proof that we've made progress in so many ways this year. It's been hard, but we've moved forward.

Super thankful this lady came into my life this year and doesn't think I'm too crazy to be friends with.

These girls. The smiles on their face despite the tough times this year. Love them.

The little moments captured.

And the bigger moments we were a part of.

His humor and self confidence.

A culmination of love and a stolen moment away.

Hard to choose, so many images on a gorgeous day.

I still think this one is my favorite.

And this deserves honorable mention...

She made it to her final resting place.

And who doesn't love a cheesy smile. This baby guy brings so much joy into my heart.

Those were just a few quick moments I pulled out. I can't believe how far we've come in the past year and how very much has changed. I feel 2015 will be an even bigger year for positive change and flow in our lives. Getting back to basics and to the core of who our family is.

- kn -
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Friday, December 5, 2014

One sentence per picture.

I made some really good black bean burgers.

Chris makes really good homemade chicken noodle soup and bread.

A yearly tradition of wine tasting at Valenzano's Winery.

Making slow steady progress.

Growing up and daring greatly.

Trying to steal my car already.


No place like home.

I built our own furniture, much to Chris' surprise.

Pepper joined us this holiday.

He likes to organize and did a pretty good job.

Have a nice weekend!

- kn -
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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thankful | Celebrating Life.

I don't want to go on and on about Bambi, so I'll leave her full story safely tucked away in our hearts. As I was looking through old images, I was amazed at how many photos I had of her, how many places she went, and how unconditional she was in her life. She really was our first little one together.

Always in my lap, in my arms, or in self portraits with me. She was a piece of everything.

The day she went to heaven, we decided to celebrate her life with an appropriate Mexican meal at our favorite restaurant. It was the best chicken taco salad I've had.

And Chris had his chimichangas, which looked amazing.

I know she'll be with us always, guarding us and loving us. The house has been very quiet since her passing, even though she wasn't incredibly active the last few months of her life. I feel the emptiness in the home and the loneliness in the morning. It's painful, but we'll make it through to open our hearts again one day.

I am so very thankful for all I learned from Bambi about life, love, and caring for others.

- kn -
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rest in peace, Bambi.

Bambi and I first met on a fateful day eight and a half years ago at a pet adoption market that grew into a loving relationship in no time. Her story was unknown, just that she was named "Ears" and was rough and tough from the streets of Philadelphia. She was feisty, strong, and didn't put up with anyone's crap. She never backed down, she protected us, and she always landed on her feet. One could say, she and I were a lot a like. We were best friends. She was my first little baby.

A lot of people have said that I was a blessing in Bambi's life, but I believe she was an even bigger blessing in my life. There were many moments in the past eight and a half years when I wasn't sure how I could continue; then I'd sit on the floor and she'd come over and sit in my lap. She'd curl up as I sat crying, listening without judgement. She'd remind me of the ups and downs we've all had and that love and life go on through thick and thin.

Bambi has been on my mind and weighing on my heart for the past several months. The past week, she slowed to a crawl. Her mild groans told me it was time to let go. I slept with her on my lap last night for hours until the sun came up, and we made the decision together, her and I.

I've never felt her more at peace than in the hours leading up to her passing. She was calm and relaxed, something most would never describe her as. She was ready, and while I did not ever want to say goodbye, I knew she wanted peace from the pain.

I held her in my arms and wrapped her in warm blanket. We walked out the door into the warmest sun we've had in a while. I knew God was looking down upon us. As she rested her head on my arm and drifted away, I felt her love all around me. I'm thankful I was able to comfort her and be with her. She knew I was there, she knew she was loved, she knew she was my girl.

Bambi, we'll play again in the fields of heaven and lay in the sun until it sets. Until then, guard our home and watch over us.

We love you. We miss you.

Bambi, I may have saved you, but in reality, it was you who saved me.

- kn -
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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

He's 3 going on 10.

As I sit here watching the First Wives Club for the 856th time, it's hard to think that a year ago we were packing up our home, with high hopes that we'd have a smooth closing. We were running around fixing things as requested and counting down the days until a new chapter began!

Now, we're sitting comfortably in our new home, in love with our space and location. This home has brought us such joy in our lives. It's an accomplishment for us and something that fits "who we are" perfectly. It's not too big, not too small, but just right. It's a happy time to be decorating this new space for our first holiday season.

I can't believe how much this little guy has grown in the past year, too! He's like going on 10 already and he's not even 3 just yet. Last night, he was falling asleep and reviewing the sizes little, small, smaller, and big with his hands; showing me each size. He just kept repeating, and I could see the wheels turning in his mind.

He's grasping so many new ideas and concepts, it's fun to watch his mind grow.

He still tells me he's my baby guy, but he's growing into such the little boy. I love it!

We're buddies out and about. We love to have fun together. I am thankful to be of such good health to be an active mom in his life, getting right in to play with him every time. Most people think running is difficult, but I am thankful to have found health and fitness in my life so many years ago because I feel the opposite is far more difficult; as I've experienced in times of injury.

And my baby guy makes me so proud to be his Mommy! At a recent party, he flipped his slices of pizza over and yelled to the staff woman for vegetables. Maybe it's just him, or maybe it's all the green smoothies we share, but I am glad he likes his veggies - especially those colored peppers.

I'm working through a lot on my mind the past few months and not sure what I'm planning to do in so many areas of life. So much has changed, so much to be thankful for, and so much more to learn. I will be back here more regularly soon with photos and more creative projects, as well as sharing my running journey :)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

- kn -
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

No one will push you.

I've come to realize that no one is going to push me to make my dreams come true, no matter how much I'd like someone to throw me in a stroller and run a marathon with me relaxing comfortably within under a warm blanket. Though, that would be pretty awesome if that was my first "marathon" experience. Could it be a yellow stroller if you're thinking of helping me out?

In rejoining the gym, I have high hopes for myself. When don't I have high hopes for myself? Hmmm, just about never. I'm always searching, reaching, pushing, and pulling. Whew, I'm exhausted.

I have this burning desire, the higher power only knows why, to complete a marathon. Maybe not even just one marathon, but several. Maybe even several in a year. Heck, why not go further... I know I can do it. I gave birth, remember that? Hahaha.

Yet, my body seems to fight me, or maybe it's my mind.

Ah, I can never tell these days. My mind, body, and everything in-between is on the fritz, going haywire, yelling.... no more drama!

Oh wait, that's what Mary J. says. I'm usually yelling "no more winter" every fall right after daylight savings time ends, the weather turns brisk, and the lights go out. I've just about lost my mind again this fall - ah, it's not even winter.... gulp... yet.

Last time I shared my big hairy goal with you to run a marathon and the fact that I paid cold hard cash to torture myself, I ended up injured and didn't even complete the half marathon I signed up for months ahead of time. Geez-weasels. I hate wasting money.

So, this time I'm not telling you when, what, where ahead of time... but you'll be able to figure it out, because you know me. You know how I am. I'm cra-to-the-zee.

I like a challenge, but not too much. I've also been googling things like "how to run a marathon with no training"... but I'm not that daring or athletic. Or am I?

This week, I ran a whopping 2 miles in one shot. That's pretty big for this lady. I haven't run in weeks, and when I've attempted a run, I've ended up with a run/walk/walk/walk. I've been sticking safely to the bike, cycling away watching Dr. Phil and realizing life isn't so terrible after all. I could be on Dr. Phil.

After my run, I felt like a different person. I was even considering 5am workouts again. Yeah, I felt that good. Of course, my tendonitis is flaring as I'm typing, but whew, I'll beat that monster back with The Stick.

Next year, I'm making it a year. A year of what, well I've got time to figure that out. But, I can tell you what... I'm not holding back. I'm not giving up. And I need your help and support. I'm here, I'm trying, but man, it's a struggle.

I'm going to write whenever I feel like it, any time of the day, share photos or not share photos, I'm going to thrash, I'm going to run, lift, and splash (in the pool!) - but I'm going to do my very best not to give up on myself or my goals. English teachers: avoid your eyes on that last sentence, I've always been very bad with commas.

No one's going to push me... right? Are you sure I can't convince you?

I'm looking forward to a snowy trail run, just not too soon!

- kn -
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Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Questions to Find Your Life Purpose

How do you answer the question: What do you do?

I've been struggling to find my life's purpose for quite some time. There are many things I enjoy, but I've never understood what the reason is that I'm here to begin with. At times, it ebbs and flows as to how much I examine my life, but more recently I've been examining things and finding I might just want to head in a completely and utterly different direction in certain areas of my life.

I came across this video watching other TEDtalks on YouTube, and boy did it help me sum up my life's purpose. I feel like my purpose is very similar to many...

Who you are:
I am Katelyn Nesi.

What you do:
I help people. I find and share resources, information, or find answers to their questions.
With regards to photography, I give others a memory to keep indefinitely.

Who you do it for:
I do it for everyone I meet. Through this blog, clients, and more directly educators and students.

What those people want and need:
Those people want information, answers, and resources to help make their life easier or more enjoyable. Clients want lasting memories and need a way to create images they've only dreamed of.

How they change as a result:
The people I serve change from the information I share; whether it's a blog post with a recipe or home project, a fitness workout to guide their own plans, a photo session that captured a moment in their life that they'll never want to forget, or a student who's life is made easier by understanding the world around them. Maybe even this post helped someone find their own life's purpose...

I, Kate Nesi, am here to help. Through my own personal learning journey and passions, I am able to change another who is seeking more or give someone a piece of their memories to have and hold.

What I do changes the people I do it for.

I've been reminding myself daily that at the very basis of what I am here to do is: to help others.

Your turn: What's your life purpose?

- kn -
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Soft around the middle.

My mom always told me growing up, "you should never ask a woman if she is going to have children, when she plans to get pregnant, or if she is pregnant."

I can distinctly remember two times I ever uttered those words to another, the first time was to a cousin when I was a tween, which my mom told me why that isn't the right thing to say. She said, "you never know what someone may be struggling with, and it's none of your business." The second time, which Chris corrected me on, was when his cousin's wife was clearly beautifully pregnant and they weren't bringing it up to see what we'd say. I took a chance on that one!

Chris used to ask me why it's not a topic of conversation, so I explained to him years ago what my mom told me. He understood and catches me if I start to get close to asking those kinds of questions of anyone. What a good husband!

A few friends have openly shared their pregnancy journeys with me, fertility problems and more. I appreciate their openness, because I've learned so much. I have always told them (or thought to myself) no matter what they share, I won't ask about it. They are free to share what they'd like, but if not, it's none of my business.

I never understood how much those kinds of questions could be stressful to deal with, even though they are often meant in a lighthearted way, until more recently.

When Chris and I first got married, we were asked or prodded with those questions often, it just seemed to be a norm I could ignore. Now, as I have a son who is 2 1/2 years old, it seems to be the standard question when someone (anyone) finds out I already have a child, "When's the next one? Are you planning to have more?" And then they stare at my stomach and wonder if I'm hiding something or when the big announcement will come.

I'm not hiding anything, ha. I'm just a little pudgy from having Miles and working to whittle that down. I'm chubby and happy to just get back to healthy :)

Have you ever found yourself asking someone about their family planning? Those decisions are completely personal and believe me, if someone wanted to share, they definitely will - cause I've heard it all ;) even when I haven't asked!

I'm also not sure when we'll have another, so I'm not sure I can answer that constant question that seems to arise on a regular basis these days. Is there a specific age gap required? What is the best way to answer anyway? I'm new to this stage of life...

I'd like to respond that my uterus fell out from running, but then that'd mean MiMa was right when she warned me ten years ago that my uterus would fall out from all the running I do.

Has anyone's uterus fallen out from running? Maybe I lost mine awhile ago, I mean I have lost lipgloss and a variety of other things on the run.

- kn -
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