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Oddly Giddy to Pay Down Debt

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It’s been quite a long week here in our household. We had a few exciting events this week (Monkey’s first winter concert!) and now we’re finally slowing down in our second jobs, as well as going to be off for winter break in another week. I’m thankful that after the fall rush of schedules and responsibilities, the start of winter means a much needed time to reflect, enjoy family, and take a breather before it all ramps up again mid-winter through the spring.

With that, I’ve also been more and more excited on pay day to send money along to the mortgage. While I was hesitant at first thinking if this was the best use for our secondary income, I’m feeling more and more motivated to keep going and knock that huge mortgage number down.

We’re already down over $10,000 since we started… crazy! Continue reading…

Frugal for the Holidays – LLP008

In this episode, Chris comes on as a special guest Co-Host to discuss how we handle the Christmas Season in a frugal manner. We talk about paying for experiences vs. things, our holiday budgeting, what Christmas cards have worked best for us, and homemade gifts.

It’s a quick recap of what we’ve learned in the past 10 years of our marriage and the holiday expectations.

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The show may change in the future and incorporate more of what Chris and I are learning together with many frugal tips and tricks. I hope you keep listening!

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