Mommy | ♥ Cloth Diapers

I’m a cloth diapering addict.

I always heard not to get tattoos, because they are addictive. When I heard that cloth diapering was addictive, I thought… seriously? You ladies are a bit crazy!

Well, I’m right there with them on the crazy train of CDs.

Before Miles was born, I had decided CDing was for us. We were a bit nervous, but the deal was solidified when my awesome mom bought all of our cloth diapers for Christmas! What an awesome gift!

Yes, I was giddy when I opened them. I was all wowee! to a lot of strange looks.

Then I got scared… Yikes! How does this process work?!?!

We didn’t start using the CDs until Miles was about two months old. We were given a bunch of diapers in newborn, size one and two as gifts so we opted to use those first while he still fit in them.

Now, I’m in lurve and can’t stop telling people about how awesome they are.

I’ll be sharing a few posts about our journey into cloth diapers in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

FYI: Our brand of choice is Bum Genius 4.0 All-in-Ones (some with snaps, some with look-n-hoop).

3 thoughts on “Mommy | ♥ Cloth Diapers

  1. Do you wash them yourself or do you use a service? Price wise are they cheaper than disposables in the long run? Do they hold up for those "monster loads?" haha. Have been interested for our 3rd (nowhere near ready for that yet) but scared.

  2. I wash them myself, my whole process will be coming soon! From what I've researched, even when washing yourself the cost saves about $2,000 over three years of diapering, plus additional children are even more cost saving. Of course, you could go crazy and spend a lot on them or save more, wash more, etc. Monster loads are so much better in these. He almost blew out disposables a few times and the cloth hold more liquid and keep in the mess. I use BG though, I know some brands have not been well rated so def. research for your budget!

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