Cloth Diapers: Our Process and Washing Routine

In this post, I linked to every product we use. We bought them mostly on Amazon. 
*Our diaper stash is 30 bumGenius 4.0 Cloth Diapers.

Everyone’s diaper process is a slightly different. I couldn’t find much online about what people do step-by-step at the start, but in talking with helpful friends I came up with a great process that works for our family.

Here’s the breakdown of the basic steps we use for cloth diapers… not too different than disposables:

1. Place the cloth diaper under the used diaper.
2. Open dirty diaper.
3. Spray flannel wipe with water/soap solution.
4. Pull out dirty diaper and place aside.
5. Clean off his bum with the wipe.
6. Rub coconut oil all over.
7. Close over diaper.
8. Snap or velcro to fit very snug.

Voila! That’s all.

What do I do with the dirty diapers?

1. Use the flannel wipe to reach in and pull out the micro-fiber liner of the diaper.
2. Drop the liner right in the middle of the diaper cover.
3. Throw the diaper, liner and wipe right in the pail.

Dirty diapers go in a garbage pail that is lined with a Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner and are washed around two times a week.

Wait, you say… what about monster loads?

1. Place the cloth diaper under the used diaper.
2. Open dirty diaper.
3. Spray flannel wipe with water/soap solution.
4. Wipe bum with flannel wipe and smush load into the cloth diaper.
5. Pull out dirty diaper and place aside.
6. Clean off his bum with another wipe.
7. Rub coconut oil all over.
8. Close over diaper.
9. Snap or velcro to fit very snug.
10. Place him somewhere to play.
11. Take the cloth diaper to the bathroom.
12. Take out the micro-fiber liner with a dirty wipe, drop in bin with wipe.
13. Spray diaper with the bidet into the toilet.
14. Spray inside cover with Bac-Out where stink was.
15. Put in bin or hanging wet bag in the bathroom.

He poops one to two times a day, so this isn’t really a major process. When we’re out, we skip the sprayer and just separate and put in a wet bag like any other diaper.

Here’s our washing routine…

This is modified from the Bum Genius recommendation. We use Country Save laundry detergent and make our own detergent for our clothing.

This may look daunting, but it’s really just setting the washer to do the work. I usually set this up in the evening, then dry everything on a dryer rack over night. Diapers are ready to go by morning! All in all, it doesn’t take any more time than a regular load of laundry.

I put a print out of the process by the washer so when diapers are running low my awesome husband, Chris, will wash them, too! 🙂

We usually wash them every 3-4 days, or up to two times a week with a stash of 30.

I dump the diapers and bags into the washer, since they were separated before going into the bags. No extra touching of dirty diapers!

1. Pre-wash rinse COLD with ½ tbsp Country Save per half load
2. Wash HEAVY DUTY 15 + HOT 120° with ½ tbsp Country Save per half load
3. 2nd Rinse HOT 120°F

1. Put LINERS in dryer on MEDIUM HEAT 20mins or put on rack in the SUN

Inserts should be stuffed flat approx. 1 inch below the top of the diaper

Use ¼ cup of bleach in hot wash routine