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We both love to cook, so it was only natural that we’d want to cook Miles’ food, too.

You may think it’s time consuming, but if you cook for yourself it’s not much more work. I mean, eventually he’ll be eating what we eat anyway, right?

I used to make food purées to infuse vegetables within brownies and other goodies, since Chris was not keen on anything green. So, purées are something I’m very familiar with. Can we say, spinach brownies? 🙂

I was given two great books (Start Fresh and The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet) to get started cooking baby’s first foods, but the basics are simple. Steam, roast or boil your fruits/veggies, then jar or freeze.

For example, bananas are cooked in a pan for 2 minutes with a little butter, fork mashed then transferred to a jar. Apples and pears are cut into pieces, steamed for 10 minutes, blended and stored. Sweet potatoes peeled, etc.

Glass baby food jars are hard to come by, it seems. I guess those companies really don’t want you to make your own food! I stumbled upon some great glass spice jars while we were in Ikea last month and decided to try them out. I also picked up two ice cube trays, too.

Miles has already had cereals, bananas and pears. Last Friday, I spent about an hour or two steaming two pears, two apples and two sweet potatoes. All of which will last us a while! I changed the water and rinsed the gear between items for allergies. In the future, it’ll be even easier to steam everything together.

I loved the smell so much, I steamed my own sweet potato for dinner later that evening. It was so tasty and had no added salts, oils, butter or milk!

Let me know if you want some ideas or help with making baby food, I am enjoying the process!

While we do plan to cook most of Miles’ meals, we are realistic. We do have some prepared baby food jars that were given to us from friends and family that we’ll use when we are on the road traveling.

I can’t wait to make some more foods, my fridge looks so full of goodies!

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