Thoughts | ☄ Blog Refresh

I’ve been blogging almost daily since 2009, wow.

My blog was feeling boring and sluggish, so I was inspired by Chris’ new blog to redesign my blog.

Redesign seems to be my theme lately including redesigning my body and spirit.

I’ve always wanted a sidebar, but felt like my photos had to be numero uno, front and center. As my blog as evolved, my photography has become just one part of my life. Hence, the nice sidebar ->

I’ve included oodles of links to Amazon for things I use on a daily basis and I will be sharing more of my favorites as the world turns. It would be awesome if you shopped Amazon through my affiliate links, because the few pennies I make from it help me to keep this blog going.

My fresh focus is value. 

I want to share not only my life stories, but also bring some value to your life.

I’m more inspired, when I can inspire.

If you’re looking for an old post, you won’t find it. I deleted all of my old work to make room for a fresh new start. I have goals, topics, and plans… and my old posts just weren’t up to par. If there is anything you’d love to know more about, just leave a comment below.

As always, thank you soooo very much for sharing my journey!