Wellness | A Week into Kicking the Lip Balm Habit

I’ve used lip balm for 25 years… this is going to take awhile to retrain my lips and my habits. Oh my.

Here are my thoughts for the first week:

Day 1: Okay, I can do this. I applied Coconut Oil the same amount of times.
Day 2: I don’t need so much Coconut Oil, I am doing well. I’m drinking LOTS of water.
Day 3: I give up! I surrender! This isn’t worth it. I didn’t drink enough water, my lips are sooooo chapped.
Day 4: Whew, I didn’t give up. Today’s not so bad. I forgot about it for awhile.
Day 5: I almost forgot, I should put some coconut oil on my lips.
Day 6: I’ve forgotten about it a few times and don’t even keep the coconut oil near. Didn’t use it all night.
Day 7: H2O is my best friend + coconut oil, but I’m using it less and less. Rock on!

Think my exes are sad they missed out on these lip balm free lips? Haha, please don’t laugh as hard.