Mommy | ♥ Coconut Oil

I can’t begin to describe how much I love Coconut Oil. I am so thankful I discovered this gem!

I’ve been using coconut oil to cook with for a few years, but I never knew it had so many other household uses. Did you know coconut oil is an anti-fungal? Yeah, me neither.

I have to say, the best use for it has been on Miles’ bum. When he first came home, we used disposables from a gift. We constantly put on diaper rash creams, but he always looked red and uncomfortable.

When we switched to cloth diapers, we weren’t supposed to use any creams on his tush. I didn’t know what to do, because he was still a little raw, albeit a lot less than when in disposables. I found a few cloth diaper sites that recommended coconut oil, which supposedly wouldn’t ruin the absorption in our diapers.

I was skeptical, but tried it for a day. At first, he got a little more red and I was nervous, but I persisted. Within one day, he was no longer red, not even pink! His cute bum is now the same skin color as the rest of him!

I suggested this idea to my sister-in-law who had my niece, Julia, two months after Miles. While I think she thought I was nuts, I gave her a sample to try. Three months later, she still uses it with disposable diapers, and loves it.

I mean, who doesn’t love a baby who smells like a piña colada at a diaper change?

A lot of people told me babies get terrible diaper rash when they are teething. Not in Miles’ case so far. He’s already had two teeth pop in and not one red patch.

So far, I use coconut oil for:
– Miles’ diaper rash (or lack thereof because of the oil)
– in many homemade beauty products (deodorant, lip balm, moisturizer, shampoo)
– cooking healthier, but obviously use everything in moderation

and who knows what else I’ll figure out to use it for. There are hundred of uses on the fabulous internets.

I love coconut oil, but definitely be aware that some people are allergic when eating it (or coconuts).