Wellness | 2 Apps I’m Using to Get Healthier

I absolutely love the interwebs! There are so many free apps, websites, web apps, tools, what-do-you-call-these-things. Here’s what I’ve been using regularly to get myself back into shape after pregnancy (my workouts are all on dailymile – mostly Insanity right now).

I used to do all these things on, gasp, paper. How did I live healthy without an iPad 10 years ago?!

MyFitnessPal.com is an excellent website that has apps for your phone, pad and syncs it all on their website. It’s the perfect place to track your calories, log your workouts for extra calories, and keep track of measurements, weight, etc. It also offers a great social aspect, although I haven’t delved into that side so much.

Why I love it?
It reminds me of all of the food tracking I did in college, except I don’t have to look up the calories every single time I eat! I can copy meals, put in recipes, and find just about anything in the database. It just works, and works well!
What I wish it had?
The iPad app doesn’t always work the best offline.

Dailymile.com was something I heard about years ago, when I blogged with Sweat365. I was confused, as I thought it was a running only site and that you had to do a daily mile! I take everything so literally. What it really does is so much more! You log workouts of all sorts, can connect devices like Nike+ (I don’t use any) and it offers a lot of social interaction, challenges and forums.

Why I love it?
When I moved there from my former site I held on to a lot of the same companions to keep me motivated (plus found more on Twitter). It is a wonderful motivator when you have a bunch of friends.

What I wish it had?
A better mobile app. Currently, the company offers no personal mobile app and there are third party apps that aren’t that great.

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Also, I read this site every day before I workout. Such inspiring weight-loss. Subscribe, seriously.