Wellness | Giving Up and Loving My Lips

I’ve thrown in the towel. After 21 days, countless of them with chapped or cracked lips, I couldn’t take it anymore. I want to smile, I want to kiss my baby boy! Okay, I’d like to kiss Chris, too 😉


This wasn’t a failed experiment. Not even close. I broke my habit, of which I used lip balm continuously all day. As I type this, I haven’t put it on after eating. That’s a big change for me!

I’ve also looked at other ideas, like making my own lip balm!

Considering I’ve been breaking my lip balm addiction for three weeks, I’ve been looking to other ideas to keep my lips luscious and soft. While I had been using coconut oil as sparingly as possible, I have had moments where I stared at lip balms in the store with a twinge of sadness. 

So far, I do feel free when I go out and forget my lip balm or oils. My lips don’t twinge, my hands don’t shake and I don’t make a return trip to pick it up. Instead, I realized that I can just drink more water to help moisturize my lips if I’m out and without.
While looking at other ideas, I stumbled on Crunchy Betty’s site about homemade products. Betty has a tasty lip scrub that I enjoyed on the worst day of my cracked-bleeding-lip-experiment. Yum and smooth!

And once my lips were healed, I made chocolate chip cookie dough logs to sweeten up life a little 🙂