Wellness | Make Smaller Goals

I am a big goal creator, but I have to remember to break it up into small pieces along the way otherwise I’ll lose my mind. When the goals are big and hairy, it’s easier to give up if the mountain seems insurmountable.

With my weight-loss/wellness/health goals, I have a general number in mind, but also an idea of how I’d like to look and feel when all is achieved. If I looked at the big picture, I’d have 41lbs to lose and I’m giving myself 6-8 months to make it disappear.

That can sound a bit overwhelming, which it is every time I think about it. So, in an effort to make myself enjoy small successes along the way, I broke down that goal. By the holidays, I’d like to be at my pre-pregnancy weight. Which is about 20lbs away.

That still sounded like too much to do, so I’ve broken it down even more!

Since my goal is to lose one pound per week, I am just making a weekly goal to get to X-1lb 🙂

After weeks of stressing out over the scale, worrying I’ll never achieve my goals, I finally lost two pounds in two weeks. Last week and this week, my focus was one pound less and what I could do to achieve that.

I know not all weeks will be successful, but breaking it down that small makes it easier to make a healthier choice than feeling like a failure when I don’t do everything I set out to that week.

As the holidays approach, my new lifestyle changes will be challenged heavily by well-meaning friends and family. Luckily, my skin has grown thicker (and more stretched out!) than in years past and I’m pretty content to say “no” or share my latest vegetable recipe to drive them nuts.

And seriously, these black bean brownies are awesome…

Equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L