Something for the Weekend + Updates

I have been a total slacker this week with my writing (although I’ve been using diligently). I’m not sure where the time went! We’ve been off our regular schedule which made for a whirlwind of a week. I’m not even sure what we ate for dinner, but I do know, we never went out to eat!

I do have a few updates…

I’m down 10lbs!!! in two months. My focus on X-1lb per week has been working and A LOT less stressful than thinking of the whole <40lbs I still want to lose. Update pics coming soon! My focus has shifted from solely Insanity to adding in running + yoga.

I decided to get the iPod Touch 5G. I finally found some images online of the camera photo quality that appeased my senses. Now, I have two weeks before it arrives to decide how it’ll work into my flow, maybe even some direct photo blog posts?! And I’m falling in love with the Lifeproof cases…

…updates complete

My friend Ashley linked to a post on Google+ the other day that included a few apps for making your workout or runs more fun. I am currently convincing myself that I need this app so I can run away from Zombies. Hello, perfect time of year for that!

Lastly, this gave me the chills around 1:53 when Mario Bros. was recreated. Seriously, this is an incredible and creative marching band.