Thoughts | Being a ‘Modern Family’

You want to know what I love about the show Modern Family? The vulnerability of the characters.

They are raw, real and experiencing what that most of us have gone through at one time or another. There is almost every level of life + lifestyle covered in that show. At times, I feel like Claire married to Phil. I want to be the fun parent! Other times, I totally understand where Cam was coming from. Then again, sometimes Jay and I are too much alike, which makes me feel awkward that Al Bundy and I have something in common.

Before you think I’ve lost my mind, I realize these are characters, not real people. They are “us” though. They are our everyday moments taken from the humorous view.

This show reminds me that Life is all about perspective.

We are a modern family.

Right now, my living room is a mess. There are three loads of laundry sitting in a basket waiting to be folded and dishes in the sink. Laundry and dishes are Chris’ job 😉 Bambi needs her nails clipped eeeekk! + a bath and Miles doesn’t want to eat because his teeth hurt.

If anything went right this week, it’s when Chris said, “I’ll eat anything you want to cook dear.” When the options were butternut squash soup or quinoa mac n’ cheese. For years he hemmed and hawed about eating healthy, but then I stopped cooking. I’d cook for myself and he’d fend for himself. That got old quick. Now he’ll eat anything I make and I’ll eat anything he makes, most of the time.

Instead of cleaning, I chose to spend time with my mom and a family friend, Maryann for dinner. Instead of worrying about the mess and list of tasks, I opted to do what mattered more. And, this weekend will be filled with more people, more experiences and less ‘doing stuff’. One day my house will be spic n’ span, but for today, I’m just going to laugh at our lives and maybe investigate cleaning lady options…

What’s your modern family moment?

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  1. I'm right there with you on prioritizing family time over cleaning. Although I did *yell* at my husband yesterday–when I couldn't find my sneakers that he "put away"– "I can't live like this any more!"The joys of parenthood, LOL

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