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It’s been a little less than a year since I was last a member of a gym. I was getting huge while pregnant and was really tired each day. I opted to cancel my membership (sans fees) since I had anticipated spending my every.waking.moment with Miles from there on in… HA! Attachment parenting is sooo not me.

I now have come back to my senses. The gym has always been a place of stress relief and relaxation for me. I know, you’re thinking, how can those torture machines be relaxing?! It just is, trust me.

In the past few weeks, filled with mommy guilt, I hemmed and hawed about going back to the gym. Would I be able to make the time? Is the cost worth it? Will I get back to my ol’ self but be a version 2.0?

Chris mocked my cost-analysis spreadsheet on how often I would go to be “okay” with the costs.

Yes, internet. I created a spreadsheet breaking down all the membership options, how often I would go and if paying for the summers is worth the rest of the year since I usually do more outside during that season. Oh, and I included a few scenarios if I were to get bigger discounts in joining than the basic options.

Bazinga! All the thought paid off. I rejoined sans enrollment fee, processing fee and got one month free. I drive a hard bargain. In the end, it’s costing me less than $20 a month for my sanity health back.

I am definitely not an at-home exerciser despite making it through 5 grueling weeks of Insanity. We were derailed by staying at my mom’s a week after her surgery, then a hurricane and a nor’ easter; that train just left the station. Chris is planning to restart in the new year, he says.

I am thankful for those five weeks regardless. Insanity turned me from Gumby back into a decent feeling human being. While I am frugal, there are just some luxuries I have found suit me better than others. A gym membership is one.

For the next few months, I am focusing on strength and 5K training right after work. I am using a Push/Pull split for lifting and using Hal Hidgon’s 5K novice plan to get back up to speed. When I find the time, I’ll post some progress pics. Not much has happened in the past month, but I’m down another 5lbs since the last pics, and planning for a lot more in the coming months.

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  1. Kudos to you. You're always inspiring me. I just resumed my workouts last week (mostly for the volleyball tournament). I like the home work out, though. I like watching TV when I work out and I don't have a gym that is close to me. We'll have to focus our Monday food exchange on healthy cuisine.

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