Thoughts | 3 Reasons I Love Kate Nesi Photography

When I deleted my blog, a lot of great posts went with it. So, I’m re-posting items that I believe others might find useful. This post originally appeared on my blog on October 6, 2010.

There are so many reasons to start a business, but I’ve found that I’ve grown tremendously from day one. Owning a business was something I never thought I could do. Two years since I started to foster the idea, I’m proud to say that I absolutely love my decision, and here’s why:

1. New Friendships
Meeting new people has to be the number one reason I love my business! I tend to be shy at times, but being a professional photographer takes a lot more than photography skills. I’m always meeting with or shooting new and past clients, or linking up with other business owners. I find myself on the go often, tweaking what I offer and forging new partnerships.

I’ve met awesome people and I love it! I treat my clients like new friends. Most of my clients have become very good friends, too! My world has grown far and wide and has filled with new faces and personalities. If anything, being a business owner has taken me in new directions I never thought were possible personally and professionally.

2. Being Active Professionally
There are hundreds of opportunities to become active with other photography professionals. It hasn’t always been easy, so I decided to start my own group. I got myself out of my comfort zone and now I’ve been able to connect with amazing local photographers. I have learned more than ever from my NJSMUG group. I’ve also been inspired to share more of my experiences with hopes of inspiring others.

3. Personal Exploration
Exploring my creativity has been one of the best personal growth opportunities of my business. I participated in the 365 Self Portrait project a few years ago, but I only had experience taking photos of myself. Working with clients of all ages and energy levels has been a great way to explore my creativity. I never know what my shoots will look like, but I am open to new ideas and the endless possibilities.

I’ve had this post idea saved in my draft posts for the past six months. I feel so glad to be able to share the top reasons why I love doing what I do. It truly is an amazing business to be in and a position I’ll cherish for life.

Share some reasons you love your business or career in the comments below!