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Each month I come up with a super long list of ambitious ideas for my life, my professional career and my creativity. I am rarely ever able to accomplish my ideas, as I am either often too scared to even try in the first place, or just don’t have the time to commit to such a project. In the end, fear stops me a.lot.

I used to hide my ideas, for fear (< see above!) someone might take them and make millions, but in reality, if someone does take them and gets credit for it, they are usually for a good cause. Most of my ideas have to do with charitable giving. I often think on the drive to and from work about things that I might be able to use my skills to help others.

If you borrow an idea, please let me know, I’d love to know how an idea helped someone else. Sharing doesn’t mean I’ll never follow through, but I just needed to get my ideas out of my brain…

Volunteer to take Portraits of Animals for Adoption
For over two years, I sat on this idea, nervously. I’m shy and usually afraid to introduce myself to new people. That’s my true self. Then all of a sudden, it seemed like everyone was doing this. It was on the news, and photographers were being praised. I’m glad someone else had the same thoughts as I did! So, last winter, in 2011, I pushed through the fear and volunteered at my local shelter.

They loved the photos I provided, but since I was beastly pregnant, I was not as consistent as I would have liked and had to end the work early to, well, have a baby! I contacted them again this fall, but they have since brought in another volunteer to take photos and no longer need my help. Sigh. I’m sad, but happy at the same time since someone is doing that great work for them.

I feel awful that I presented as one of those volunteers who starts out strong, only to quit after a few months. I’m sure shelters see that often. I had a good reason, but for me, it still isn’t enough. I should have given birth and been at the shelter that week, my perfectionist side yells out to me.

Maybe there is another shelter looking for help…

Free Holiday Portraits for Hurricane Sandy Victims
This is an undertaking I don’t believe I could accomplish on my own. There are events like Help Portrait, which offer portraits around the world in December to lesser fortunate families. This idea I

Seeing the decimation of the tri-state area, experiencing our own hardships and with the holiday season approaching, all I can think about are the families who lost ever-y-thing, even their family memories. I would love to give something to those families, while sharing their story at the same time. Which brings me to my next idea…

Portraits for Hurricane Sandy Victims + Book Sharing Their Story
I love Kickstarter, but have been so afraid to fail, that I never put together my ideas and submit them. In addition to wanting to give back to the families for the holidays, I would love to create a book that shares stories from across the tri-state area. Something that shares image and stories or their loss and hopes all in one place.

Being a librarian, I feel books tell a compelling story and will be around a lot longer than the news stories we’re constantly hearing.

For the families, they would get a free copy of the book. I would just need funding to travel that far, and for supplies, as well as making contacts (and a few people to help me out). All of the profits would go back to Hurricane Sandy Relief, this would not be a money making venture.

That is my idea, but I’m not sure the next step to make it a reality, or if even the thought is creepy to be in a book about the natural destruction about areas we’ve lived our whole lives and are deeply in love with.

So, this leaves me to ponder my thoughts, figure out if I can accomplish them or hope someone else makes a difference. Some day, I’ll shut that stupid lizard brain up. Today, is not that day.

I will be on Kickstarter one day though, you can count on that!

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  1. I like all three of these ideas. Despite the overwhelming tragic stories, hopefully we can also remember the connectivity and community evoked. We need stories (and pictures) to remind us how to be human.

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