I Quit Facebook

I did it again. You played with my heart. I got lost in the game.
Opps, I did it again…

Oh, hi there! I’m just singing a song to my favorite social network that I love to hate, Facebook.

Over a month ago, I deactivated my personal profile for the umpteenth time. This time though, I actually stayed off! In the past, I used to deactivate only to be sucked back in within hours of making the decision. I just.couldn’t.let.go. It wasn’t easy at first, but it’s gotten better each day. A funny side effect has been that I noticed how often people say, “Oh, I posted that to facebook, didn’t you see?”.

No one really noticed if or when I left. Is that funny? Or sad? I don’t quite know. This all makes me wonder how close were those connections if a) no one noticed or b) no one missed me. And, how much did I really need to be there, when everyone was repeating what they posted anyway, whether I saw it or not? If anything, I’ve had more real conversations, because, no, I didn’t see it on facebook.

Thinking about the new adage, if it’s on facebook it must be true…. I stumbled upon the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. Go visit, I’ll wait… Okay, so a fake marathon – I’m totally running it! Of course it’s real…since it’ll be on facebook, twitter, and in photos, right?! If it’s on facebook, it must be true, fo’ sho’. Sorry, my Neptune is coming out.

Anywho, my fb business page is still alive (which might be where you found this link). It’s main purpose now is just to share my blog. Since FB changed the algorithm for pages, it’s become pretty useless unless I want to pay for my audience.

I won’t say I’ll never go back… but I do find that I’m enjoying living a little more offline these days (or going on other dates with my old flame Flickr). Some days I do really miss FB; it’s usually when I find out someone gave birth and it was posted to facebook before being sent out via text…

Oh well, such is life! If I’m the last to know, because I’m not on facebook, I’m okay being the last to know. As Martha says, “It’s a good thing.”

In addition… let’s consider asking more questions, shall we?

2 thoughts on “I Quit Facebook

  1. I'm a non-facebooker and I'm sort of normal. Ok, maybe I'm not the best example. I didn't enjoy the pretense of Facebook, and I remember hearing a study that it fosters depression because everyone generates a false happy shiny self. I did like the political squabbles. They are fun. I like a good fb fight. And as for surveillance, I think Foucault's panopticon is useful to query this idea. He notes that one of the side effects of surveillance is neurosis. People exist in a jittery space when under the lens of the panopticon. So, I'm not keen on the psychological alterations that ensue.

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