Tips | 10 Photography Apps I am Loving Right Now

I’m trying to find the right workflow (if there is one) for using my iPod Touch more than my DSLR regarding images for blogging and just creativity altogether.

I want to use the best camera I have, i.e. the one I always carry with me. So, here are a few apps that have been fun to use and are helping me think outside the box, as well as share more easily with others than connecting my camera to the computer.

Camera Awesome free
This app is designed by Smugmug, which integrates nicely with my website, as well as offer a load of options for sharing. If I don’t use this app to shoot, I generally open my images here to share them.

Camera+  $0.99 (which was just super updated!)
At first, I wasn’t using this as much as Camera Awesome, but I am finding I love the editing a lot more here. I like the instant auto/clarity features, as well as more options that are included for tweaking images.

This image was taken with Camera Awesome and edited with Camera+.

A few other apps I’ve been toying with are the following…

Over $0.99
Adds cute text over pictures.

Instagram free
You have to know what this is by now… Although, I don’t use it that much.

Flickr free
I’m enjoying sharing some photo projects here again. I’m hoping the new guy in charge makes some sweeping, awesome changes and gets people back to using it more. I loved the community there when I first started creative shooting in 2008. No site has beat it, yet.

Honorable mention:
Adobe Photoshop Express free
Morelomo free
Pocket Light Meter free
Label Box free
AfterFocus free

What apps are you loving right now?

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G