Tips | Shoot Your Children’s Holiday Photos This Weekend

Here are a few tips from Mile’s holiday session. You can recreate this at your home with what you have on hand. Any camera will do.

Focus on the light, the setting, and most of all – the true personality of your child(ren)… than any device and you’ll be impressed with what you can create.

For Miles’ session, we setup a white blanket hanging from his crib. Any blankets you have on hand make cute backdrops, or if it’s warm out, go outside! I love nature shots, but it was chilly this past week.

His bedroom gets a beautiful morning light, so we positioned him with the window light to his left. I did use an on-camera flash for the final portraits, but I just loved the depth in black-n-white of this side lighting. With the flash, I bounced it at the ceiling (you can see his final photos here).

For a prop, we covered up a basketball hoop and a stool with a white blanket to give him something to stand and hold onto. I am not completely in love with the backdrop blanket, as the shadow of the diamonds drive me wild. Otherwise, it was pretty easy to set him up, snap a few photos and reposition.

I did love the new warm color of our bedroom (Chris just painted!) which made for a different type of background. We positioned Miles sitting next to our dresser, again with the light front left from the window for those images. No flash, just Chris and I making lots of funny sounds and noises to get him to sit still and look at us.

All he wanted to do was crawl away!

If you have any questions or need help setting up your holiday photos shoot me a message.

Equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L | Canon 430EX II Flash

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