Mommy | 3 Things I Dislike About Being A Mom

You read the title and thought, wow, this woman really doesn’t like being a mom! Far from the truth, I may have had my moments, but this is more tongue-in-cheek 🙂

1. Car Seats
Yes, I know they are for safety, and I’m totally down with that. My issue is that whether Miles was a newborn or now nine months old, these things are ridiculous to get in and out of. Although, we did discover the latch to loosen the straps each time, which made a world of difference.

The five-to-nine point harness is awesome for safety and I feel like he’s a NASCAR driver every time he’s settled in (I think he does, too). On the other hand, I dread the hook-up and un-hook-up when I have to take him out alone. Usually, I push off that job to Chris if we’re together, sorry honey 😉

I love our car seats, but when I had less strength, right after birth, it was definitely difficult to get him in and out. Now that I’m a bit more ‘normal’ it’s not as bad and he has started to help getting out of it, at least!

2. Baby Socks
Need I say more? They seem completely useless, get lost all the time and come in varying never-fitting-right-sizes. They make shoes necessary because then he can’t pull them off! 🙂

3. Poop
Yes, I said it!

Now, I’ve had dogs all my life, so I am used to cleaning up after them. Bambi goes on the regular, so cleaning it up when we walk is no biggy. Even when Miles first came along, it was a cinch to clean him.

Now, at nine months and always on the move… whew, it’s terrifying when his diaper is full of you-know-who. Chris and I try to convince each other it’s not our turn!

I love this baby guy, but he’s at the age where he likes to flip over and try to bungee jump off the changing table every.single.time. When there’s no mess in his cloth diapers, it’s a piece of cake flip, switching, wiping and wrapping. Add a bit more… oh, my, goodness, it gets everywhere (sometimes).

So, I’m totally over pooping until it’s more solid. Everybody poops, but usually you don’t have to clean it off the walls. At least, I would hope not?

In the end, I am so thankful to have this little guy in our lives. He’s made so many things clearer about the deepest parts of life and what we’re all here for. Thank you my baby guy, Miles.

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