#Lucky13 | Running Goals

I’m borrowing the hashtag #Lucky13 from NYC Running Mama, because I love it! Maybe half marathons will be my lucky distance this year, too!

I have a lot of high highfalutin running goals set ahead of me that I’d like to share, even though I’m hesitant. I’ve toyed with the concept of “no goals” but that left me, um, overweight, stressed-out and unhappy. I like goals, so sue me 😛 That one’s for Chris.

I haven’t looked at running times, goals or the like in several years. I haven’t run with a watch almost half of my running lifespan… My last actual race was in 2007, which was my first half. These are my past personal records pre-2008, i.e. personal bests at each distance in timed races:

3.1 Miles/5 K0:27:47
4 Miles0:36:53
5 Miles0:50:00
6 Miles1:11:20
6.2 Miles/10 KTBA
10 MilesTBA
Half Marathon2:27:03
Triathlon R/K/B1:41:27

So, to my goals…

Run at least 2 Half Marathons.
My first race is the Asbury Park Half Marathon in April. I am still deciding on my second half of the year, but it may end up being in a very chocolate-y place 🙂

PR in the Half Marathon = 2:11:05 or 10:00/mile pace
I am training a little differently than I have in the past. While I am on a 5k training plan right now to get back up to speed, I have been pushing the pace from my usual sluggish 12:00/mile to 9:00-10:00/mile as often as possible. I need to get my body used to running faster, if I indeed, want to run faster. My half training plan includes tempo runs, which will also help amp up my times. As I lose the pesky 40lbs, this will obviously get easier.

Run a Marathon.
I’ll be honest, I’m cheap when it comes to races. I don’t like blowing $100 to just run for a day. Sure, there is more than just the run when it comes to a race, but things can get quite expensive over time. Still, I’d like to find a decent marathon to run. I’m also a baby when it comes to traveling too far to race, so I’m keeping my eyes and ears open for local marathons in the fall somewhere along the Jersey Shore.

Regular long runs at or above 10 Miles.
In the past, I trained for a half marathon, only to end up taking a few months off and then returning to run less than stellar. Instead, I want to train differently. I want to train for endurance, and then hold on to that endurance to continue to run further races throughout the year. Instead of completing the half and throwing in the towel, I’d like to keep my weekly long runs, long, as a way of life.

Reach a Goal Weight of 128lbs.
My goal weight has changed over the last several months, from the low 120s to 130s, but I read that elite marathoners should be around 2lbs per inch of height. While I am no elite marathoner, nor will be anytime soon, I do find this weight would be most beneficial to my running routine. If I can dip below, fabulous. If not, I’m pleased to get to the 120s, close to where I was when I was hitting those above PRs. My goal for this is July, but I’m flexible.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Are you interested in running any races this year? Would you like to join me on a weekly long run? Don’t worry about the distance or pace 🙂 Just send me an email kate [at] katenesi.com

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G

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