#Thankful | “I really regret that run.” – Said No One Ever

I yelled out, “Oh my goodness, Chris!”
He was still half asleep when he looked up and said, “What? What?”
All giddy I said, “It snowed last night!!”

After posting on my fan page that I was up for new running buddies, any distance, any pace, my former and current client, plus now friend, Rita, responded and said she’d love to run the trails! She had to meet-up early, so Gavin could get to work, and that’s when we decided 7:30am on Sunday would be perfect.

The night before, we were at my in-laws pretty late. Now, late for me is past 8pm. I go to bed around 8-9pm now… I was nervous to get up in the morning, but decided that if Rita could do it, I could, too. It’s been a year since I made my way out into the cold for a run, and convincing myself to get out of bed took a few minutes.

When I looked out the window, I felt like God was on my side. I had no clue it was supposed to snow enough to cover the ground. I thought, this was a Blessing. My first time back in the game and what happens, it snows to make our trail run even more beautiful. With getting there so early, we were almost completely alone on the trails in the quiet beauty for 3.1 miles.

And, I don’t regret for a second getting up to run that day… or any day.

Of course, I forgot my camera… on the counter. Luckily, Rita had her phone with her. What a gorgeous morning! Please excuse my double-chin.

Equipment used: Rita’s iPhone

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