Thoughts | Dropping One Ball to Pickup Another

Last year, I spent some serious time soul searching and doing most of it offline. Through quitting Facebook last October, I found new ways to enjoy my free time – some of which included Pinterest, I won’t lie.

Today, I find myself going to bed around 8pm, watching little TV these days, and reading for an hour. I’m getting much needed sleep before popping up in the cold, dark mornings to get ready for work, pack my gym bag and my food for the day, while giving my guys a kiss goodbye.

I’ve read an entire book in about two weeks! A feat that may have taken me all of last year to complete! It was Strides: Running Through History With an Unlikely Athlete by Benjamin Cheever, no less.

On another note, I loved Shut Up and Run’s More of This, Less of That; which inspired me to make my own list of habits or choices I wanted to drop for something better.

I’d feel loved if you share a comment about what you might want to do more or less of this year.

Since every post is sweeter with a picture, here’s Miles grabbing for chocolate, of which he’s never had, at the local Farmer’s Market that I The best fruits and veggies at the best prices! When I was pregnant, I just could not wait to take him to the market!

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G

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