#new52 | Apple Cheddar Butternut Squash Soup

I never knew how to make butternut squash soup. Last school year, I attempted it, during my phase of “I can’t taste anything and everything smells terrible,” pregnancy period. Thankfully, my co-educator humored me and ate a little of the soup and said, “It needs some salt.” At the time, it was just pureed butternut squash… Sorry, ’bout that.

This year, I redeemed myself. I found a wonderful recipe that rocked my world. All I can show you is a photo of the beginning process, because when it was finished, I ate it for lunch and dinner for three days following and never tired of it. I ate it so quickly, each time, I said, oh, darn, I forgot a picture! It was that.good. And, my co-educator, he really had fantastic things to say this year about it.

Now mind you. I did not look up this recipe process ahead of time. I chose it and then we bought the ingredients. I had to chop and prepare everything with a 9.89 month old yelling, screaming, pulling and throwing things because I wasn’t giving him my full attention.

Picture this, I’m thinking Chris will be home “any minute” to whisk Miles away, so I keep pressing on… handing him measuring cups, bowls, pots or anything to play with. At one point, he’s digging in the trash as I peel the potatoes and try to keep his hand out.of.the.garbage.mister.

Let’s just say, Chris finally arrived home (after traffic) once I had already sat down to eat my soup and put the rest in the fridge. What, on, earth, was I thinking?

Side note: don’t make this soup if you have children to care for, it can get intense.


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