#wellness | Giving Back and Running Free

This year, I want to run, a lot.
What keeps me motivated?
Signing up for races.

This year, I want to volunteer, to give back.
I just don’t know where to go; what I’d enjoy.

Races can get quite expensive.
Money doesn’t grow on my Japanese maple tree. Does is grow on yours?

How about volunteering for a race?
Wait, what?
My race entry is free to a following event, if I volunteer?

Kill two birds with one stone.
Giving back to a sport I have come to adore and help others on their journey.
Run for free!

Problem solved.

I’ve signed up to volunteer a Rugged Maniac Run, for the first wave. Then I’ll run the course, as a part of the 2nd wave’s race. Entry is free, even if it’s sold out! Join me 🙂

I’m looking at other races to inquire about volunteering. Maybe I should volunteer at a marathon, before running one? Who knows, but Chris said, “It’s good you finally found something to give up your time for.”

I’ve wanted to volunteer and get involved for years, but anything I attempted… worked out just as well as a pork roll sandwich with barbecue sauce on it. Don’t ask. I either wasn’t passionate enough about it, or the options to help out just didn’t work with my life. Now, maybe I’ve found something…

What about you? What would you volunteer to do? What are you passionate about?

Oh man, when I am running, I definitely eat much much better…
This week, I had a dinner alone (rare) and loved my Parmesan crusted salmon and sweet potato chips.

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G

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