#wellness | Where to Find Races & Training Plans to Start Running

There is a lot to be said for signing up for a race when you can barely run a mile. That’s exactly what I did this winter. I realized, I need the extra push of a deadline. On December 16th I signed up for a Half Marathon in April. I couldn’t run one mile!

Today, with a 5k training plan I am running 3 miles easy, with another training plan in place to finish 13.1 miles in, hopefully, a faster time than I did six years ago when I was regularly fit. As much as I want to go further, faster, already… I am reminding myself that this time period is for building base mileage only.

Where do I find races?
Race Forum (running, biking, triathlons)
Jersey Shore Running Club
Freehold Area Running Club
Ocean Running Club
Runners World Race Finder

How do I train?
I am a huge fan of Hal Higdon‘s training programs:
5k, 8k, 10 + more
Half Marathon

Where do I track my training?
I first use Your Training Calendar to import Hal’s plans into my Google Calendar.

After I complete each workout, I delete it from my calendar and track the workout on Dailymile. I love their weekly summary emails, as well as a cute year end report. If you join, add me 🙂

And, that’s how I do it… Don’t forget, yesterday, I told you how you can run races for free!

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