#thankful | Start a Chain Reaction: Rachel’s Challenge

Yesterday, I couldn’t hold back tears in an auditorium filled with staff and students where you could hear a pin drop. Maybe it’s now being a mom that makes certain stories go straight through my heart.

Our school had an assembly about Rachel’s Challenge. Rachel was the first student to die at Columbine High School. I never knew about her. She left behind more than just a name and a face, especially in her journals and her own personal code of ethics. It’s amazing how the world works in mysterious ways. How touching other people’s lives, changes your own and starts a chain reaction.

Rachel wanted to challenge others to share compassion and kindness. I’m thankful for the small reminder that compassion, above all else, changes the world.

What is Rachel’s Challenge?

1. Look for the best in others, eliminate prejudice and be accepting. The power of diversity & inclusion.

2. Dream big- set goals- keep a journal. The power of written goals.

3. Choose positive influences. The power of connection & community.

4. Small acts of kindness reap huge results. The power of kind words & actions.

5. Start a chain reaction of kindness. The power of one.

What stands out to me most, is dreaming big. Sometimes, I forget to dream big or feel that I am too old, or past the point of no return to doing anything more than I have already… thank you for the reminder.
 What big dreams are you sitting on?