#runchat | Ten Years Ago, I Had a Dream

Over 10 short years ago, I began running for health and wellness. Prior, I often asked why anyone would run for no reason? Then, I started to run, and I understood. Back then, I had a dream: run a marathon, then maybe… run Badwater.

After seven years on and off with injuries, my dreams seemed to be unattainable. It was 2009, Born to Run took up steam and I decided to learn about barefoot/minimalist running. I retrained my feet and I ran barefoot for two years, getting up to 10 miles in Vibram Five Fingers – without injury. The dream was alive again, but then I had my baby guy and put it on hold.

Well… no more. I had a dream, and it’s finally coming true.

I did it.
I registered.
This is a big moment.

I’m will be running my first Marathon <—– yes! —– on October 13, 2013.
13 is so my number.

Unfortunately, I’ve already begun to eat like I’m training for a marathon, even though I’m only finishing up a 5k training plan and heading into my half marathon training plan.

Reminder to self: You are not marathon training… yet. Don’t eat like you’ve run 26.2 miles. Eat like you’ve run 3.

Oh man, this could be a gateway to ultrarunning for me. Or a total blow to my self-esteem.
I just cannot wait to eat while training. i like to eat all.the.time.

Have you ever dreamt about something so much, but feared the day it arrives?

And be on the lookout in the coming weeks for updated progress photos… It’ll be another sixty days already!

btw… awesome quinoa mac and cheese made-up by moi.
quinoa in a rice cooker.
peas steamed above it.
handful of cheddar. <— gotta stop eating so much cheese
splash of cream.
sprinkle of mustard powder.

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G

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