#wellnesschat | Who Likes to Count Calories, Not Me

I counted calories for all of two weeks this year. It’s so not me nor the person I want to be.

Ten years ago, when I lost weight, I did count my calories – but not at first – really not for many many months. And even when I did, I didn’t lose weight. I counted calories when I reached a healthy weight and got a little obsessed and nutty, right before meeting mi Christo for the first time. Not sure why I call him that, he’s not Spanish, he’s Italian.

When I mentioned two apps I love, I kind of made it sound like I enjoyed counting calories. I don’t but it sounded “right” at the time. In reality, I am just using MyFitnessPal mostly to track my weight – as a place to keep me honest and weigh-in every few weeks. That is all. Not a huge shocker, right?

The more I’ve wanted to change our my lifestyle, the more I’ve realized that it is all about enjoyment of the food and the life I lead. With beginning to train for a half marathon this week, then diving into a marathon training plan thereafter, it would just be insane to count every single calorie in/out. And, I’m not insane, y’all…

So, I’ve been learning a little more about intuitive eating, while experimenting with different foods. I love trying all sorts of new ways to cook, bake and incorporate random weird foods into my life (i.e. you know I’m going to say something that includes “coconut” ~ flour sounds yummy!).

I’ve found that I often eat too quickly at meals. I also tend to overeat when I am not hungry while calorie counting. If there are calories left, I’m using them on junk food 🙂 While it may be for others, I’m going to say it’s not for me; not all the time.

With a new mindset to go with my standard flow of lifestyle changes, it’ll all come together to make the marathon a wonderful culmination of my existence… then I’ll find something new to try!

My focus… eating to feel strong. eating to feel fueled. eating… to feed the furnace inside.

What are your thoughts? Do you think calories in/calories out is the only way to get healthy?

How could anyone quantify the goodness shown here; lasagna roll-ups by Chris!

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G

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