Mobile Food Photographer Extraordinaire | #food

With training and everything else in life happening, I’ve been kind of lazy with my camera and just taking a lot of food pictures. My goal this year is to score some skillz in excellent mobile food photography. So, watch out world…

I think I need a bit more practice and a lot more natural light. Could spring get here sooner, please?

I have exciting photo sessions coming up, as well as a LOT of running and a LOT of eating. You know, I like to eat! Last night I baked chicken and tossed it with hot sauce, baked potatoes, and steamed green beans. It was delish for a last minute meal! Pardon the crummy photo ;D

I’m also down another 7lbs since my last progress photos and we’ll see where I am at this coming weekend. Another set is on the way! I’m thrilled to almost be within “normal” heavy range for my body, it just is one step closer to my goals. Except, eating towers of rice krispie treats drizzled in chocolate may not be the best way to go… but when Chris makes you a dessert, you eat it. 🙂

Yes, I took a bite before even saying, oh, I should take a picture of this!

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G

What’s your favorite food to eat?

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