Socks by @ProCompression from @RocketCityRun | #thankful

It all started with a dream… ok, more like a slight obsession. When I signed-up for the marathon, I was in the midst of learning about compression socks. I was seeing them everywhere: blogs, stores, magazines. I was skeptical: trend or real science?

The science is mixed for the benefits of wearing compression socks while working out or running, but it is pretty much in agreement that compression socks after long runs or hard workouts is helpful in muscle repair and recovery. Even on long car rides… driving to Florida anyone?

Plus, they come in awesome colors and you look hardcore when wearing them. I’m sold.

They aren’t cheap though; at least not the “good ones”. I started to become slightly obsessed with getting a pair of Pro Compression socks to try. Though, they just weren’t within my budget at $50 a pair. Say, whaaaaa?

I kindly tweeted to @ProCompression saying I was “saving up” for a pair! They were awesome and retweeted my sad tweet… and much to my surprise, @RocketCityRun responded saying she had an extra new hot pink pair that I could have (she got too many for Christmas). I was like, OMG! My dreams are coming true!! Yes, I’m lame and love the little things in life.

Sara rocks and I am so thankful for her generosity this week! I will pay it forward…

So, here, now I have a pair of hot pink Pro Compression socks. I am a bit nervous to wear them to the gym, since I don’t feel like I’m hardcore enough, but I will wear them no less. If anything, the first night wearing them after my speed work was heavenly! Bonus, Chris also makes a good elevated foot rest 😉

Check out Sara on: – this girl runs 50ks… holy moly! And, she is the most generous to send a total wacko stranger like myself a pair of brand new compression socks. I’ll forever be thankful!

Have you made any new “friends” through twitter?
Have you ever tweeted a company before? I do it all.the.time 🙂

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