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This is an awesome nerdy wellness blog, how did I not find this sooner?

Be confident, don’t engage, skip the headphones. Run safe. Run for Sherry.

Jerry’s an inspiration.

Exploring the “Why” of personal finance hit home.

Zack Arias never fails to amaze me; and push my limits creatively and personally. I’ve been reading through his 100 FAQs to reveal the secrets to success, ha.

I love using to figure out what time to go to bed.

Go on a facebook leave of absence. It has been good for me, maybe it’ll be good for you?

Maybe it’s time to stop sharing and take a little time to curate my work better.

All roads lead to taking a break.
A break from social media. A break from posting. A break from sharing every detail.

There have been many days in the past week that I’ve wanted to write to untwist the knots in my stomach and hope someone out there gives a crap about my complaints. It’s boring. It’s not useful. Nor is any of it really that interesting.

I’ve deleted those words countless times, subbed in other content and a crap photo here or there. I’ve stopped curating my work. It’s become about writing and finding a snapshot to go with the post. I’m just blabbing, instead of providing something; providing art; my art.

The winter is never easy for me. I go to work in the dark, get home in almost dark and the cold never offers any chicken-soup-for-the-soul comfort. The after-holiday hangover usually rears it’s ugly head for two months and I am grasping to find something enjoyable to keep me going until the sun shines warm and bright again.

From starting a 365 project that quickly became about “getting it done” to learning something with the New 52 Project, the enjoyment quickly faded into a chore. I’ve got enough chores around the house, my hobbies shouldn’t be one of them.

I’ve been reflecting on why I feel this way and where to go from here. I am scared-as-hell of the marathon. I’m afraid of doing a poor job photographically. I’m super-self-conscious about my weight and hate my body. I’m tired of sharing just to say I shared today. And, I’m completely nervous to take any kind of break, as I fear you will leave me to never return to read my blog again.

This year, I want to get better at photography and running; placing my primary focus on family, my health and my hobbies. Will a break help me? I’m not sure, but we’re going to find out.

I’m giving up the 365 project I’ve been doing on Flickr. I’ll still capture a photo-a-day, but not always for the world to see. I’ll still share images on Flickr, and participate in groups more often. The focus is to curate my work, not shoving it all out to the masses.

I’ve given up on the New 52, as I learn daily, so I can’t keep track of the 1 thing per week I’ve learned.

I’m giving up on blogging for 28 days of February. This is going to be hard! I barely gave up on blogging after having a baby and going through a tough time. I have amazing photo sessions lined up and I just want to focus on creating amazing images for my clients, not “for my blog”.

I’m going to try to limit twitter use, it’s become my new facebook-replacement-time-waster. I use pinterest a lot to plan meals, and save recipes – so I won’t be disappearing completely. I do randomly find myself wasting time there and will try to limit that.

My 5D Mark II will be coming out more.
My iPod will be capturing our daily lives; for us to save.
I’ll be waking up at 5am to go to the gym before work.
I will share my progress photos when I return.

In real life, I’m not super social and I crave my alone time. Maybe that’s why I’ll never feel like I fit completely in this socially-linked-up world. For some people, it’s easy to turn off the noise. For me, it’s always been difficult. I am easily sucked back in and jump on the first train to new-socialmediaville. Scheduling breaks is the only way I can remain the human I want to be.

Here’s my last snapshot to fill a post… I know >>this<< lady loves this baby guy.

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  1. You talk about me being hard on myself! You do so much and set such ambitious goals. There is nothing wrong with giving up when you already have so many ambitious goals. It allows you to focus.I'll miss your blog. Don't give that one up!

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