I’m a Super Hero. No Really. Stop Laughing. | #wellnesschat

Am I a hero?

Maybe I am.

I get it now. I’m just stuck in the middle of my story. The part where the hero goes through the rough parts to become stronger. You know, the downward spiral where they hit bottom and realize their true powers. I’ve got powers people. I hope I find out I can fly or become invincible! Heck yeah, marathon race gold will be mine!! Muahahaha… oh wait, I sound like the evil villain there.

I used to laugh at Chris for loving his super heros so much. I get it now. Hero Training 101 hit home for me yesterday. I was in despair, then I opened my google reader and came across so many motivational articles.

I’m picking myself back up, dusting myself off and getting back on the trolley.
Yes, I said trolley. I want to be British for a moment.
Thanks. Moment had.

Today my sentence is over. I’ve had to spend the last 5 days at my mom’s dog-sitting her nutty animals. It’s never an enjoyable vacation. Two spiteful little pee-ers, three squawking birds and regular house chores have to be taken care of. I love my mom, but I’m a creature of habit and comfort of which staying at her house always messes both up.

Miles loves her dog beds. He wants to be a puppy.

It’s been a long, exhausting week. She lives further from work and her couches are uncomfortable. I’m looking forward to crashing into my own bed tonight, ready to hit the gym at 5am tomorrow, even if all I can manage is a walk on the treadmill…

I apologize that my less than stellar photos are back. I’m going to give myself a break on that, but keep writing because I’m a blabber mouth. It’s winter. I’m training for a half marathon. Running and writing are my therapy. Most days I’m just keeping my head above water: 5am workouts, work, picking up Miles, dinner, and prep for the next day. There is little flex time…

If my life is captured on an iPod for a few months, so be it. It’s the same quality as my Sony P100 was, oh, eight years ago. I’ll be back to my 5DM2 in no time. I’ve already fallen back in love with it after Noah’s session.

Oh, man. I’ve got to take Miles last “monthly” portraits… he’s 11 months today!!!

What’s your camera of choice?

Does it even matter that my photos aren’t always the prettiest, but they get the job done?

Bambi and I think alike…

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G