Finding Balance | #wellnesschat #food

What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.

While I don’t seem to entertain the mainstream lifestyle of constant consumption and high sugar anymore like I used to, I do strive to find a balance in taking care of my body while indulging in life’s simple pleasures. I may write about healthy living, running, or other ambitions, but never confuse that with living one hundred percent perfectly. I like weird brownies, but I enjoy dark chocolate fudge ones, too.

And, believe me, I’m under no impression that my son or my husband will eat uber healthy all the time. I feel accomplished as long as I’m introducing other foods to Miles, but he’ll come to love fudge brownies I’m sure! They might just have spinach in them.

Heck, if I lived perfectly, it surely wouldn’t have taken me 11 months to lose 28lbs. And it wouldn’t take me another 6-8 months that I’m giving myself to lose another marathon, but we’ll get to that in another post.

My focus right now is about finding a good balance that works for us. 

You might like the 80/20 rule or to eat well 5 days a week, and cheat on the weekends. I am not sure I am designed to put that much thought and math into my weekly meals.

I enjoy eating healthy and working-out. It’s more about how it feels than anything. And, who doesn’t like to get funny looks and comments about what they eat on a daily basis at work and at home? Okay, some days I’m over that whole commenting constantly thing.

Yesterday I did make it to the gym for a 37 minute tempo run after work. I watched Smash on the treadmill and pushed the pace a bit. I was happy to run at 10:34/mi for the first time in a long while.

In other news, I’ve completely given up on 5am workouts this week. Last night I went to bed at 8pm only to find myself getting up several times with Miles, because we think he had bad gas. Chris was finally able to get him to sleep around 10pm, the poor little guy.

This morning, I was exhausted and a dark cold gym did not invite me in.

Did I mention that my gym is super cold? I love it when I’m in the midst of a long hard workout, but the first ten minutes are super freezing!! I guess that would be better than it being too hot.

Breakfast was more oats, coconut flakes, a little buckwheat honey (so far I like the wild flower honey the best), and some green machine juice.

And who says there isn’t quality tv anymore? This is how I spent a few minutes this morning eating my breakfast before dashing out the door to work. Yes, it drives me nuts that I put the tv back in the bedroom and that it covers part of the mirror…

More quinoa for lunch today with hot sauce! Then I’m not sure about dinner, but we have lots of veggies and romaine, so it may be another salad 🙂

What do you eat for breakfast? Is is the same every day?

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