Something for the Weekend | #katenesi

The subtle art of starting over.

I’ve finally kicked the lip balm habit. Oh, yes, indeedy-do! I now use a little vitamin E oil from supplement pills twice a day. I’ve gone from an hourly chap-stick applier to morning and evening nourishing needs. Sometimes I do need a little more, but I’ve learned to drink more water when my lips feel dry. Kate 1 – Chap-stick 0
It’s encouraging to know others are getting up in the dark, cold, wee hours of the morning to put on their oxygen mask first.

Megan shared a great way to organize your Facebook news feed and keep up-to-date with the local businesses you’re interested in. Worth a few minutes of your time 🙂

The secrets to being a high-achiever are available to all to utilize.

I’ll leave you with a sweet treat Chris brought last weekend to an outing and will be making something similar this weekend.

Equipment used: Canon S100