Many Years Have Unraveled Leading Up to Today | #wellness

This morning I bounced out of bed and got dressed so quickly I forgot to put on deodorant. Now, there wasn’t anyone near me for my whole workout, but let’s just say, I will not forget to do this ever.again.

Speed-work always intimidates me. The last time I did speed-work, a few weeks ago, I may have pushed the pace too hard. This morning I decided instead of shooting for 8:30 pace, I would go with my upcoming race pace 10:00min/mi (for a 5k in three weeks).

Here’s how it looked:
7 x 400
1 – 10:00 .25
break – 11:00 .25
2 – 10:00 .25
break – 11:00 .25
3 – 10:00 .25
break – 11:00 .25
4 – 9:31 .25
break – 16:40 .15 (walk)
5 – 9:31 .25
break – 16:40 .15 (walk)
6 – 9:31 .25
break – 16:40 .15 (walk)
7 – 9:13 .25
cool down

A great mph pace cheat sheet for the treadmill can be found here.

Midway through I was feeling good and decided that I could walk in-between if I pushed the pace a little more. In the end, every run should have a focus. This run was about upping the pace and working those fast-twitch fibers. I never was out of breath, so I could push a little harder next time. I definitely was sweating and stinky though!

Off to home for a nice smoothie to start the day, foam rolling, a shower and work. My smoothie has 1/2 frozen banana, 3 tbsp hemp protein, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1 tbsp flax seeds.

On the way home I was listening to Madonna’s Music CD. Yes, I still have all of my old CDs in my car for when I don’t feel like fiddling with an iPod and just want that old one singer/band focus.

The song that came on was I Deserve It. It made me think about how far I’ve come in my life, and how much has changed since that very first day I stepped on a treadmill and ran ONE mile. If hearts didn’t unravel all those years ago throughout a few long relationships, I am not sure I’d ever have found such a love, passion, and peacefulness in running and in life.

I’ve been reading a lot about others’ and how they came to be a runner. It’s made me think a lot about my journey from non-runner to running-is-part-of-who-I-am.

In high school, I avoided running physical exertion as much as possible. It made no sense to me. If it weren’t for the three break-ups over many years that pushed me to reexamine who I was, I would have never started rollerblading and lost ten pounds in the summer of 2002. Then one day I stepped on the gym treadmill at my college wanting to just rid my body of the hurt. I ran ONE mile non-stop. That day, I became a runner.

For many months following, I ran to think, to meditate, to rid my mind of the hurt from love lost. It was a stress release. It helped me cope. Then, I met Chris, and I became happy and found little reason to run. So, in 2003 I came up with new goals and motivations to keep with it. In the end, we both realize now I need to run for sanity.

Many hearts, many years have unraveled, leading up to today.

I have to thank those who’ve led me to today. Those who have been supportive, as well as the one who had told me, “If you had a gym membership, it would be a waste of money. You are fat and lazy.” Yes, someone I dated told me that.

Well, I’m here to say thank you for fueling my fire. Thank you for helping me realize that I could do so much more than you thought I could ever do. Each day, I will improve and I will get to my target marathon race pace.

Maybe, too, watching The Biggest Loser on the treadmill this morning opened my mind to why I fall into old habits. The Biggest Loser this year has provided me with more inspiration to dig deep and see what I’m really made of, and also understand why I self-sabotage sometimes.

I didn’t mean to go on and on, but it’s something I’m thinking about lately. If all of those things didn’t happen so many years ago, I would not be here today, training for my first marathon! I would not be using my gym membership, and indeed would be wasting money.

Wow, so many years have unraveled leading up to today…

Why did you start running? Training?

Did others fuel your desire to prove them wrong?

What are your motivations now?
I am motivated by Miles and Chris. I want to show them that they are capable of anything they set their mind to. I want to be a good example for Miles as he grows into a handsome young baby guy!

Another side note: I need to get better at dinner options this week. A bowl of rice with soy sauce just wasn’t satisfying enough for me last night. Any suggestions? What did you eat?

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G