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Happy March!! Spring is only a few weeks away!

My first full week of working out at 5am is complete. I am so proud of myself for keeping to this schedule. Today I opted to lift weights, and I am thrilled that I squatted 70lbs! I’ve decided to do a little more heavy weights/shorter reps instead of my old workouts. We’ll see what happens!

Enjoy a few links for the weekend…

This is why I left Facebook; it’s not reality. We need to quit Fakebooking.

Confessions of a fitness blogger. We’re all human, nobody’s perfect.

Become a leaner you in 7 years. Yes, years, not weeks.

Sometimes exercise has nothing more than to do with play.

The Pursuit of Superwoman.

Nothing beats this list for why I love to run. Hint: it’s not always about weight-loss.

I get a lot of flak for wanting to raise a family that is healthy and keep the junk to a minimum. The constant argument of “we all turned out okay” eating junk food just doesn’t make sense sometimes.

Fred lost 150lbs with lifestyle changes. His tips are great for anyone looking to get healthier.

I need to find more like-minded people. I tend to rely a lot on the blogs of those I’ll most likely never meet to stay motivated and less “alone”. I am sure there are fitness enthusiasts locally, I just need to find them and maybe get a run in…

I mentioned we’re eating up our pantry this week and what else is there, but lots of pizza dough in the house! I asked Chris to make his infamous pizza dough out of the rest of the flour. Much to my surprise, I’ve got about 6 pizzas waiting to be made in the freezer! Yay! 🙂

This was one from the other night. Good use of the peppers dear.

What do you need to use up in your pantry?
We still have brown sugar and about four pounds of couscous!

What’s your favorite pizza topping?
I love extra cheese, onions, and sometimes peppers or broccoli.

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G

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