28lbs+ Down and A Marathon to Lose | weight-loss progress

My first 8-mile run in over two years was completed this morning followed by a warm bath with epsom salts. I’m testing out different strategies. Despite two pit-stops, I enjoyed my first Gu experience, and actually felt pretty good miles 7 and 8. I even pushed the pace mile 7, which was probably not smart. Before my run, I ordered a few goodies I can’t wait to get in the mail!

Now, let’s get to the meaty part.

I’ve lost over a marathon and I’ve got one more to lose! No, silly, I’m not talking about running! Well, not exactly. I’m talking about weight-loss progress.

The numbers are quite fuzzy for me, which is probably why I give myself no credit for getting to this point. When I gave birth, I was 196lbs. Lord help me. A few weeks later, I dropped weight quickly down to 181lbs. After that, it took a little more coaxing to get down to 171lbs in August. That’s when I finally decided to put on my dancing shoes.

So, here I am at 28+lbs lost, if I count it from last spring after-birth. I’ve got another 26.2 lbs to lose to get to my estimated goal – which is hopefully by either my birthday or definitely the marathon in the early fall.

You can read all about the specifics here, here, and here.

I’ve beaten myself up many days for getting so huge to begin with. I’m still learning to go easy on myself for past mistakes and put that energy into future accomplishments. It’s no one’s fault, but my own. I’m owning it.

At least this day arrived finally… I’m half way to my goal!!

And it’ll never get easy… Jillian yelled to a BL contestant, “It never gets easy. You’ll always have to push harder!!” I learned that with Insanity. And duh, running has never gotten easy no matter how many miles I’ve logged! Just some days are better than others.

So, 28+ down, 26.2 to go. It’s an ultra marathon this time. My body will lose it as it is ready to. There’s no quick fix, just a healthy diet (of which I actually need to eat more!) and a lot of hard work + a lot of patience and putting one foot in front of the other.

See my progress photos after the jump.

I don’t see too much difference. Chris says I need to get my eyes checked. Do you?

It looks like my nose lost weight, above. Below, I can tell my legs are slimmed down.
Oooo, oooo, is that an ab-line forming?

Enjoy the last little bit of your weekend!

Equipment used: Canon EOS 5D Mark II | Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L

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