Suprises and a @GUEnergyLabs Review | moments #runchat

This morning I woke up terribly sore. My knees were aching. There’s got to be something to ice baths… I’ll be back in the cold water next weekend. I’m not sure my warm water bath was useful to stave off inflammation. At least I tried!

During my Sunday 8 mile run, I tried one of several GU/Shot Bloks I’ve purchased. In preparing for my first marathon, it’s important to test out different flavors and how they work before the big day!

The first one up, was the GU Energy Gel in Strawberry Banana.

I chose no caffeinated gels due to how caffeine affects me; usually I am tired and fall asleep after drinking an espresso. Go me!

I sucked down the GU about 45-50 minutes into my run; the start of the 5th mile. It was sticky and goo-like, but had a nice flavor.

I immediately imagined myself as Mario with a power-up mushroom! Yes, even the sound effect played in my head. Anyway, I didn’t feel much at first, but another ten minutes or so and I started to feel the fatigue in my legs fall off a bit. I felt slightly refreshed. By miles 7 and 8, I felt like I had more to give to the run and pushed my pace.

Overall, I’d buy this gel again. It’s flavor was good, it was easy to eat on the run, and I did notice a difference from last week’s 7 miler to this week’s 8 miler with this little aide.

Next time, I’ll take one every 3 miles. I’m slow so I need to have them more around every 30-35 minutes.

*I was not compensated or given this GU by any company, although I would have loved that 🙂 The opinions are entirely my own.*

Have you tried GU before? What’s your take? Is it real energy or a fake?

This morning’s workout: 5 miles on the bike, random hills, level 4; half-mile walk on the treadmill – watching The Middle from last week 🙂

Some days you need to listen to your body. Today was that kind of day.

The weekend was relatively relaxing, aside from an 8 miler on Sunday that wiped me out. I had a wedding consultation for a lovely couple I’ll be shooting in April on Saturday morning. Then I came home to a funny little surprise.

Somebody was defeated by the sleep monster, without help from Mommy or Daddy.

Before my meeting, I couldn’t find my iPod Touch. I blew it off, went out and figured it’d turn up once I got back. Low and behold, Chris cleaned and couldn’t find it anywhere! We spent an hour physically retracing my steps… to no avail. I was having an anxiety attack all while getting mad at myself for a) losing it somewhere in the house and b) being so attached to a device.

Chris suggested to use “Find my iPhone” and I didn’t believe I had it installed or turned on or whatever. I signed in and it seemed like my iPod was walking up the street. I knew it wasn’t outside, but I walked around anyway. Then, I “sent a sound” and suprise… we found it!!

It was in my bathrobe pocket – of which I never put on that morning. I must have thought about putting it on, then decided against it. This was my joy when we discovered it finally 😀

Ah, sweet relief. Then it was snack time, and food shopping time!

We repacked our freezer with healthy meats and frozen vegetables. Then, we stocked up to prepare for somebody’s big FIRST BIRTHDAY party! Chris is making homemade desserts, and I’m going to help!

Before my meeting though, I discovered what happens when you forget a clementine in your previous work briefcase bag for oh, say, 6 months at the very least…

It was rock solid dry, and actually had less mold than I thought it would. It was pretty neat looking. I wanted to keep it until Miles was old enough to talk about it with, but Chris said he feared there were spores shooting all over the place. So, I had to throw it out.

Pretty cool, huh? Much better looking than the McDonald’s in a jar experiments, I’d say.

How was your weekend?

Do you food shop weekly or bi-weekly?

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G