A Little Pep-Talk | moments #wellnesschat

Chris told me my Something for the Weekend posts are boring and a bunch of links. I guess he never clicks on them, does he, hmmm? This week I thought I’d switch it up for a Friday…

It has been one of those those weeks spent in internal evil lizard brain turmoil. I’ve been beating myself up over a few disappointments that I’m not sure why I’m willing to share… but I am going to in a way that motivates me to keep my chin up and carry on. A pep-talk if you will.

Keep going despite not reaching your goals in time. Unless there is chocolate around, then stop for a snack.

I am still 10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight, and Miles’ first birthday is just days away. I didn’t start out the day after birth getting back in shape. I didn’t even put in the effort until Miles was around 5 or 6 months, due to some extra fun remnants of hormones called PPD.

So, I can’t expect to lose (196lbs – 128lbs = ) 68lbs over night to reach my ultimate goal weight (pre-preg is 143). I’ve already lost 43lbs, which is a heck of a lot closer to my goal than I was before. Miles only accounts for 7lbs, booya. And, my starting weight is now going to be my highest pregnancy weight, thanks to my friend Laurie who said it does count!

It’s going to be a long slog through another 25lbs, but I’ve just got to live with it, because…

If you can’t do it for life, then don’t do it. Or, maybe just do it this once because Nike says so and they’re scary.

I’m not a huge fan of restrictive diets, or the latest fads. Lately, I’ve fallen into the trap of wanting to completely overhaul my lifestyle to meet the demands of such programs (see: clean eating), but then I quickly categorize myself as a disappointment the moment I have something uber yummy to eat.

I applaud those who do these programs as a way to completely change their life for the better, it’s just not for me.

My focus has always been on the longer, slower road to health. It’s what has been proven to work for me. Balanced lifestyle changes, without denial or restriction. Finding what works to help me run 26.2 miles is my focus, not on getting a six-pack of abs this summer that might cost me my kidneys in my 60’s. I just need not get swept up.

Regardless, what I do eat would be considered whacky healthy to most, and I am on the receiving end of countless jokes and criticisms for my non-average-American eating habits. This is a reminder to pass the temptations of heavily promoted fixes for something that works entirely just for me… and us…

Plans should be flexible. At most, written on jello jigglers, not paper.

The best laid plans go awry. As an athlete, sometimes we can get a little too attached to our plans and freak when we miss a day. I have been guilty of this a few times. Last weekend, when I had a Saturday meeting, I was anxious all day about running on Sunday morning.

I need to be more flexible and listen to my body. A plan is just that, a plan, not set in stone. I’ll get my mileage done, and if I don’t, it doesn’t hurt anyone but me. And heck, it’s okay to walk a few minutes on a long run – – right!?!? Something I’ve seriously stopped myself from doing each week, even though I may have needed it really bad.

You’re not a failure for not working out at 5am every day. But, you are if you drop an egg on the kitchen floor.

While Monday was a success, Tuesday threw off my week. I’ve been getting up at 5am, but had little desire to sweat-it-out at the gym this week. Auto-pilot would have been great most days this week, but I did too much over-thinking and ended up doing laundry on Wednesday. Lame.

Next week, daylight savings is going to screw my sleep rhythm, yet again! I finally got used to 5am vs. 6am, and hence, it’ll be like 4am at 5am for a few days. Add in the plan that I’m going to be running longer weekday mileage starting next week and we have a recipe for semi-failure.

I’m slow for a runner. I can’t get in 5 or 6 miles in less than 40 minutes. My mornings are limited, in that the gym does not open before 5am and I have to be done by a certain time. When all is said and done, I have about 45-50 minutes to workout. My scheduled 4 mile runs have been making me anxious to do them in the mornings, so I can’t imagine when I hit 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 mile runs during the weekdays. 5am may just not work for me some days… but that’s okay.

I’m going to still get up at 5am every morning, and if I can’t get that mileage done, I’ll finish it later. It doesn’t hurt to try. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll just get a little faster.

With it being lighter out later, that might not be such a bad thing all the time. I might be able to bring Miles along for an extra mile or two, or get my runs in before he gets home with Chris. Plus, warmer temps = awesome sauce.

I went to the gym one late afternoon this week and realized how badly I would rather go there at 5am no matter how darn cold and dark. It’s a whole different crowd, no one is looking at me, and I get most of the equipment to myself. There is one woman always on the end treadmill with her fan, and I am a few in, running; then another man is always down a few. I’m used to it, I missed it. I worked out with teeny-boppers this week… sadly, I’m no longer a teeny-bopper. Do people even say that anymore??

Be active doing things you enjoy. Or hate. Your choice. No, really, it’s your choice.

If there ever comes a time I don’t enjoy running, I don’t want to feel forced to do it. I would love to reach my goals, and I know this year there will be days I just don’t want to go for a run. It’s a part of training. What I mean is, if there ever comes a day I no longer find any of this exciting, that’s okay. As long as I find something to enjoy that keeps me active, I am satisfied.

Speaking of which… I cannot wait for Chris’ birthday the end of April. I came up with the coolest birthday gift ever!!

In the end, I’m so glad I came across this. It’s pulled me out of my funk and reminded me that while I may blab about every-healthy-fit-run-wellness-whacko-thing here, I am not perfect and don’t have to be 🙂

What works for me may not work for you, but thank you for joining me on this roller-coaster ride to 26.2.

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