Three Months Ago I Couldn’t Run 1 Mile | #runchat

Yesterday, I ran 9.

Here’s how it went:

The weather was colder than I had hoped. I got out the door at 7:30am, with high hopes of 50 degree temps, but found my two hour run was in 30 degrees. The sun was still gorgeous and high.

Midway on the run, about 5 miles completed, I stopped at my car to rehydrate and refuel. I felt good and was thoroughly enjoying the feedback from my new Garmin Forerunner 10. This was my first run with it, so easy to use right out of the box. With it, I was able to park in a different place than normal on the trail, and have my refueling right on the road, instead of walking several yards to and from my car. Yep, I’m lazy and want to get it done as quickly as possible!

I tried a different fuel gel than last week. Hammer Gel was rather tasty for Apple Cinnamon, but I can’t say whether or not it helped. I took it a mile later than last week, but I also felt awful for a mile or so after I took this. I am not sure if having it with water vs. no water on the go like last time is the culprit, or if something in this gel didn’t sit right. In the end, I’m not sure I’ll buy this one again.

Sadly, I felt like a complete failure around mile 7-8. I hit the wall hard, even though I had stopped to drink and refuel this time. Maybe I just didn’t refuel early enough. I basically was down to a walk/jog by the time I allowed myself to walk a quarter mile. I know what the end of the marathon will feel like…

Thank goodness I walked, I got a few beautiful photos and after a quarter mile I had energy to continue. I was really afraid that would have been the end of my run, and I would have been walking all the way back…

So beautiful!

In the end, some may not even call this a run. That’s fine for them, but for me it counts. I kept my feet moving above a 12:30 pace for most of the run, just those last few miles tuckered me out for a slow average pace. I’m never going to win a race, unless it’s a race of one, but that’s okay. I’m going to keep slogging through. I’ve already cut 1:00 per mile off my shorter runs with speed-work the past few months. Long runs are slow, easy and whatever my body wants to do that day.

I could swear the elevation was a lot more ridiculous than this; man those hills!

My best pace was 9:14 somewhere in the run. Here are my splits:

1  12:35
2  12:53
3  13:18
4  12:51
5  13:10
6  12:54
7  13:44
8  15:09
9  13:01

And, I got a PR 🙂 Haha. It was the first run with the watch, so of course everything was the “best” whatever distances I ran. This is also the longest I’ve run in TWO years, so I’m happy to have gotten this far without injury.

My sad face after completing this in the slowest time I’ve ever ran…

But at home, despite being stinky, someone wanted to cuddle with me while I foam rolled!

So, that was my run for the day. I did not ice my knees, but should have. Instead, I foam rolled, wore compression socks for a few hours, and then walked around Menlo Park Mall for an hour before watching Identity Theft with Chris! What a hilarious movie!

I have to get better at my pre-during-after running fueling, icing, and foam rolling… without plans that include being on my feet for hours after the run!

Sorry for all the run talk lately, but I’m using this space to take notes to go back to and keep track of my runs to learn more about what works and what doesn’t. I’ll try to not bore you too much with this… unless you enjoy it?

…Happy Daylight Savings Day…

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G