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I didn’t think I was territorial about treadmills, but this morning I found the opposite to be true. I walked into the gym at 5am and held the door for another woman I didn’t recognize. I took my coat off and on my way over to where I normally run, she went on my treadmill! I was like, oh, darn. Then, there were a ton of people there I’ve never seen before. That’s what I get for missing two weeks of 5am workouts: confusion.

I did what anybody would do. I told her to get off my treadmill.

Haha. No, I didn’t do that! I just went on the one next to her, and luckily my cable company wifi still worked. I’ve got a beef with the gym that doesn’t offer wifi to their members, when they have 3 networks available! I don’t know what I will do when this season of The Biggest Loser is over. It’s the only thing keeping me going so early in the morning.

Today, I ran 3 easy miles. I had to stop and walk a bit here and there. My mind wasn’t in it and my legs felt a bit like cement. I didn’t have my morning juice before working out either, and my nuun water wasn’t doing much for me. I’m going to pick-up more natural juice today to have before working out. It’s my treat!

I feel much better about my day though, knowing my workout is complete.

I’ll tell you what, we didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at all this year. Whoops! We spent the day cleaning the house after the big party, and then took a nice long walk outdoors with Monkey’s new ride.

I’m so glad Uncle Bryan and his girlfriend Jenn did not get Monkey a PowerWheels Corvette (which almost happened!) and instead got him something more my his speed. I love that this trike grows with Monkey. First, we can push him in it, which looks so fun. Then as he gets older, he can peddle. I love that with all the motorized bikes and scooters nowadays, Monkey will still get some exercise during playtime! Yeah, I’m going to be that mom.

Daddy decided to push Monkey down a hill and see what happened. Ah, why do I let him do the things he comes up with?! Luckily, Monkey mostly went off the sidewalk and onto the grass.

I had a little fun pushing him along the way. The handles make it sooooo much easier. What an invention!

And, of course, the daredevil Daddy out to scare Mommy. Monkey obviously is a daredevil, too!

Self portraits sound more fun these days. I definitely need to use my remote more often. I’ve fallen in love with my 5DM2 again. There is just so much more to do with my camera baby. Plus, now that I don’t feel like a huge hefer all the time in front of the camera, I’m more inspired to be a part of the picture.

Don’t you also love my jeggings? Haha. They are really skinny jeans, but are comfortable like pajama jeans. Maybe I’ll run a race in them one of these days. Heck, I’m just glad to finally start fitting into my old clothes again. I’m at the high-end of the weight limit on them, but being in snug clothes always inspires me to work harder to feel better, and to get them to fit better.

How smart is Monkey? He’s got the perfect setup for his water. He thinks he’s hilarious. He is, he is.

So, what else is new?

I discovered I have a wheat sensitivity. I’ve had a feeling that I’ve had sensitivities to wheat and lactose for a few years now. I cut out milk four years ago which made a big difference digestive-wise. Some issues became more pronounced after having a baby guy, too.

After careful consideration, I decided to cut wheat from my diet for a week or so. I wasn’t super crazy about it, just tried to stick to whole fruits, veggies, and meats. I’ve never enjoyed pasta, but I love fresh bread!

One day last week, I got a craving for Panera. Chris obliged me, as he loves it there, and we had dinner out. After having no wheat for over a week, I dove in like a mad woman. I didn’t realize how much I was craving it! I ordered the french onion soup bread bowl, a sandwich and had to have the side of bread on top of that. I was in heaven until the next day I woke up and my hands were swollen and a few other telling issues. I was shocked, I could not get my rings on! Say, wha??

What I’ve learned is that if you believe a food conflicts with your body, cut it out for a week and then add it back in. I’ve noticed after Miles’ party, where I scarfed down pretzels and cheese like it was going out of style, that I do, indeed, have a sensitivity (or an allergy). During my research I found that they can test you for food allergies, but your body is always changing and so your results might as well. One of the best ways to see if you are sensitive to a food is to try an elimination diet – which is what doctors first recommend. And thus, my results.

While I don’t plan to give up anything for life that won’t kill me, I am more aware of what my body needs and doesn’t need. I am sure I’ll eat bread or wheat at various times. I’ll realize the discomfort after and steer clear for a while, and then the cycle continues. I’m just glad to be even more aware of what my body likes and dislikes. When I feed it well, I preform well and feel energized. The energy is what matters most to me!

This week, it’s a LOT of leftovers for dinner. Thankfully, we have a ton of veggies in the fridge, too. I need to look up a good carrot soup recipe. I bought 5lbs last weekend. Ooops!

Have you ever tried an elimination diet? Do you have food allergies/sensitivities?

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