Reusable Food Pouches by @Squooshi | #review food frugal

This morning I completed a simple body weight workout. My legs are pretty sore from yesterday’s 11 miler, but I’ll be feeling great this afternoon when the weather hits 70 degrees!! I can’t wait to take Miles out to play!

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to test out the Squooshi reusable food pouches I mentioned. Since we travel a lot, I wanted to find a way to incorporate healthy snacks that won’t be tossed all over my car. I’m slightly obsessed with keeping my car clean. Blame my dad. Plus, these are awesome at the park, because he gets dirty, but his dirty hands won’t be all over his food.

I also purchased these to get Miles to eat other types of fruits and veggies, or softer foods, since he didn’t want to eat from a spoon from either of us. Of course, this weekend, he ate from a spoon no problem from everyone! Sigh. That boy loves to make me look like a fool 🙂

We’re a pretty healthy family, that’s why I went for a reusable pouch. They are BPA-free pouches that open at both ends (pretty ingenious) and you put in your food, bring it along, he eats and then you can hand-wash or toss them in the dishwasher. Chris and I can bring along our own snacks, too! The cost also impresses me – after about 5 uses they pay for themselves.

I am not too keen on processed foods, especially if they are supposed to be fruits or vegetables! Eat food. Real food. Mostly plants. Thank you Michael Pollan. These pouches make it easy to enjoy fresh whole food from our kitchen.

The best is that they came with two snack ideas. The first few pouches I made cinnamon applesauce with some oatmeal to thicken it up from their recipe. A great way to get this guy some more fiber!

I purchased these pouches myself and was not asked to review the product. I just like sharing what we’re testing out and what we’re enjoying. I hope it helps you discover something new!

Are you going to play outside today in the beautiful weather?

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G