It’s Bound to Happen + Credit Reports | #runchat #finance

This morning I stepped on the treadmill, started to run and wham! had to stop. My right foot was feeling severe pain. Wahoo for running injuries! It was bound to happen since I have not been doing everything to prevent foot pain – like cross training, lifting, stretching my feet, etc. Being more focused on keeping my knees, hips and muscles in good health made me forget about my feet. Whoops!

So, this morning I didn’t give up. I hopped on the bike to cycle 9 miles to make up for my 3 mile run. I felt satisfied I worked up a good sweat. It actually made me miss cross training and I realized how super focused I’ve been on running lately.

I actually felt a relief to do something other than run. I love running, but sometimes it can be intense. I started to plan to run/walk the half and just make it through the year. I want to enjoy being active, not make it a chore – as some days it has become.

While a wake-up to cross-train and enjoy active living besides long distance running was in order, I could have lived without the “injury” a week and a half before my half marathon… Just sayin’

My hope was to run tomorrow morning and then play tennis after school with the giraffe. Too bad neither look like they’ll be happening. I’m still going to the gym, just not sure my game plan yet. How can I pass up a morning out the door when it’s 60 degrees!!! Ah, that’s been nice this week.

On a good note, he did make me quinoa mac n’ cheese for lunch this week which was quite tasty.

And he never fails to disappoint. Dessert, too! A strawberry nutty bar of sorts. Also YUM.

So, about those free credit reports…

Did you know you can check your credit report free every year? Some sites try to trick you into paying for your reports, but my sister told me about over ten years ago and it has been fabulous – and free! So, I thought I’d share how I use it.

I mark on my calendar every four months to check our credit reports. I have it repeat yearly for each credit agency. Since there are three agencies (TransUnion, Equifax, Experian) you can receive a free report from annually, I spread it out over the course of the year. This way, I am able to keep an eye on my credit reports year round to see what companies are reviewing my credit history and to make sure the accounts we’ve paid off or closed are being reported accurately. That’s pretty decent free credit monitoring if I do say so myself.

Did I make any sense? Do you ever check your credit reports/history?

How do you battle injuries?
I suck-it-up and keep going, then I whine about it, then I eat chocolate.

Have you had to alter your training plans or racing plans for an injury?
No, usually I get injured in the race so I alter my after-training plans!

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