The Next Best Thing To Do When You Have a Running Injury

is eat.

Okay, maybe that’s not the next best thing to do, but it appears to be what I’m doing to drown my sorrows. Gah, why couldn’t I be one of those stressful non-eaters like Nicole Richie, lose 50lbs and gain a fashion line? I’m fashionable. Oh wait, maybe that’s just in my mind.

This was my dinner tonight… the Santa Fe Burger from Bobby’s Burger Palace.

plus sweet potato fries and a vanilla bean malted milkshake:

I know, super healthy right?! Doh, mommy! That won’t make you feel better.

Even Miles knew better not to eat the junk we were eating when we went out. We got him a kids meal and everything he tried, he spit back out. What is with this kid? He’s a vegetable and chicken fool 🙂 And yes, that sweet potato fry ended up on the floor .2 seconds after this picture.

Daddy tried to give him some soda, much to my chagrin, and he spit it back out all over his clothes. He preferred the water instead. Good boy.

So, it appears that I may no be able to run my half marathon in another week. This makes me feel super upset considering that this half was what got me back into running in the first place after five years of suckage.

Not only am I a slow runner, but now I can’t even run, and barely can walk. Super disappointing. I haven’t cried over it yet, but considering I cried on my last run, I think I’ve had enough of that.

I had a feeling that doing 11 miles after three weeks off due to other issues/illness wasn’t a smart idea. I was afraid that if I didn’t run my long run though, that I’d never finish the half. And here I am, not sure I’ll even be able to start… but as most runners will tell you, we don’t give up that easily.

It’s not just running that’s got me down, but that’s nor here or there. I am trying to keep this all in perspective, knowing that I have so much in life to be thankful for. Though, when things don’t go as planned, and your body sucks major skittles and all it wants to do is eat skittles, sometimes it’s just hard not to feel like a pile of crud.

Miles loves playing peek-a-


So, what to do now?

Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.

I’m trying to stay off my foot as much as possible, but that’s hard with the baby guy around and helping those at work. I tried to wear minimal shoes for two days, but that just made things worse. Today I wore zero drop cushioned running shoes which helped me hobble through the day, but the pain was just as bad this evening.

I could go to the doctor, but they’ll tell me the above. If it doesn’t start to feel better, then I’ll consider further action. Right now, I am hopeful some rest and ice will make a difference.

In the end, there isn’t much I can do other than change my attitude. I’ve probably already gained 5lbs in the past few days and if I don’t want to gain anymore I need to adjust my thinking. Ever feel like people are secretly laughing at you or glad when you fail? I know, ridiculous. I feel like someone out there was waiting for me to fail at my weight-loss or running goals. Boom, you win! For now.
Well, this is just another test. I’ll definitely need to know how to get through these down times during a 5-hour marathon. Why not start learning the lessons early?

gaarrrrrrrr-boo! He likes to growl to scare you 🙂

I’m a perfectionist. This stinks. At least Miles makes me smile. And he can walk better than me!! That does make me feel pretty cool. I may not be able to run or walk, but heck, I created a little life that is just so awesome to be around.

Have you ever come back from an injury?

What did you have for dinner?

Are you a stress-eater or stress-non-eater?

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G