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A month or so ago I saw a commercial that made me interested to go see Edie Falco in “The Madrid” because it was a fresh comedy about motherhood and life. I rarely go see plays in New York City these days, so I was excited to find something and ask my mother-in-law to go with me. We had to wait several weeks to get a seat in the theater, but we did get seats before the entire play was sold out.

I was excited to head to the city for a few hours and actually have something interesting to do on my schedule. I decided to try a “sock bun” which turned out quite nicely. I think I’ll do it again sometime!

Miles went to hang out with Pop-Pop while us ladies went to the city. Daddy met up with us later in the day, and we stayed for dinner.

The weather in the city was a little chilly, but nothing like a few weeks ago would’ve been. We had some time to kill so we took a walk over to Starbucks, had a drink and walked down and around Rockefeller before making our way to the New York City Center playhouse.

I convinced Grandma to get in a selfie with me.

The theater was rather small and intimate, which I liked. Falco was not too far away, and we didn’t think there was a bad seat in the house. Since we went to a matinee, because I can’t seem to stay up late, we were in the crowd of the early birds. One ol’ lady had pulled out pound cake and later cookies from her purse. I told Grandma she’s got to get on that next time we hit the theater. I never would think to bring snacks to a play! The movies? Maybe. A play? No.

The only thing that was bad was, well, the play. Yes, I’m going to say that.

Now, the acting was good, but you can’t help a script that left so much to be desired. Most of the time, there were so many awkward silent pauses that we weren’t sure if someone forgot their lines or their cue. For the first few scenes, we were confused as to what was going on, and who was who in the cast.

As it progressed we figured out, okay, Martha (Edie) up and left her life with her husband and college age daughter. There was a whole side storyline with the wacky neighbors that made little sense in the grand scheme of things.

The characters at best were played by good actors, at worst, were not developed into much more than lines on a page. I didn’t feel any emotion over their turmoil. In fact, for such a heartbreaking story, with a few weird placed funny bits, I didn’t feel much of anything.

All I kept saying was, well, Edie looks like she would in real life, like a friendly human being I could have a chat with. I somewhat felt disappointed for the actors. This could have been an amazing show with such deep stories and developments, but instead was missing something – a big something.

I definitely would not recommend anyone to go see this. Maybe I’m not a super deep theater goer, but I definitely like feeling moved by the words and actions on stage.

The New York Times appears to agree and so do many commenters.

Oh well, still an experience I’m thankful to be able to have. I love Edie Falco and I wonder what she saw or felt when reading this play. I hope the next time I see her, it’s in something more enjoyable. I definitely loved her on The Sopranos and currently on Nurse Jackie (premieres tonight!).

On another note, Chris did the meal planning this week. Monday he isn’t home with us for dinner, so I’ll have to figure out that day. Hmmm… chocolate and peanut butter sound like a start. He’s got far better white board handwriting than I do. Don’t you think?

Oh, I hope his parents know we’re coming Saturday for dinner ;D

Have you ever gone to see a play that you were let down by?

What’s on your meal plan this week?

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