Run W*** Run | #runchat #wellness #hope

There are lots of thoughts, about a lot of things going through my head right now. My mind looks somewhat like Miles’ dinner tray did on Monday.

This is what happens when Daddy leaves us alone for dinner together and no meal plan, with a tragedy on loop. Oye. I had thin mints for dinner, but at least I didn’t bring Miles along for that ride.

On another note, because I just can’t think anymore about Boston and the terror…

I’ve been searching online for bloggers who’ve written about their experiences using Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run method. Many blog posts I’ve come across mention it once while hitting a PR or saying how much it worked for them, but then never mention it again. What I’d like to know is how others use it for short runs, long runs, short term training, long term training, and getting faster.

At first I thought it was odd that others mentioned it once, then not much again on their blogs. With further thought, I realized, what running blogger wants to talk about walking during their runs? Dude, that’s totally uncool. You’re not a runner if you walk… yet Jeff Galloway is and does – and so many elites do. We just ignore that.

Well, I’m going to be uncool and talk about venturing into the world of run/walking, as long as I have the patience to do it. Therein lies the problem: patience! 🙂

I am inspired by Galloway’s words and from reading that it is working so well for others. I know I can run distances up to 13.1 miles without stopping, but is that all it’s about? Non-stop running?

With further introspection, I realized that my goals for running aren’t completely wrapped up in times, PRs, distances – although those are nice. At the very heart of the matter, I want to run for life. Don’t you?

Staying injury free and still running into my 90’s is who I want to be. I don’t expect running to extend my life, even though studies tell me so. I don’t do all this healthy stuff to live longer, but I want the quality of my life to be as good as it can get.

Quality over quantity; which is what Galloway talks about when he discusses running. Finding the enjoyment again and letting go of the trappings that creep up to make it a chore which cause you to go out after three weeks of little mileage and blow out 11 miles and end up injured… Oh, that’s me.

As I explore further into his methods, I am hopeful that maybe this will be my thing that keeps running an enjoyable treat for me and helps me to push my endurance limits. I can’t promise I’ll always mention my walking breaks, because sometimes I’ll just want to pretend I’m cool and a faster runner.

I did finally email back and forth with Christina who has been using his program for over a year with success, so that gives me more hope!

Hope… a funny word. So short, yet means so much. I’m lacking a lot of hope in certain areas, ever battling daily to up my hope quotient. Just keepin’ it real.

Tangent over. Considering my longtime goal is to run the Comrades Marathon (54 miles in Africa) and overall lifetime goal is to run the Badwater Ultramarathon (135 miles through Death Valley, CA), I better get used to long distances, walking breaks and staying injury free!

Oh no, did I just tell the whole world my goals again? ::facepalm::

By the way, this is a pretty neat calculator to use to figure out run/walk paces: UltraRunning Walk/Run Pace Calculator

Back to learning…

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G