My Fat Shorts, Running United, and Which Sock Color? | thoughts

First of all, I am THANKFUL that I fit into my old “fat” shorts from two years ago. I call them my fat shorts because I had gained a bit of weight for a few years and these are what I wore (and love them), but they will be super baggy and loose (awesome) when I reach my goal weight.

This is a good sign that I will not have to finagle a summer wardrobe and will indeed fit into my old clothes by the time the weather heats up and stays heated up. I can’t explain the feeling I had yesterday when I was able to put on clothes and they weren’t tight or uncomfortable.

Weight-loss progress photos will be up soon enough, I’m down a bit more since the last set.

I’m also thrilled and THANKFUL that my calf muscles have returned. I’ve always had larger calves and remember in high school leg pressing double what the boys could in gym class. It was liberating to be good at something. I was made fun of at times for having such large calves, but since then I have embraced the strength these babies bring me. I am loving that they are coming out again to play in a serious way.

And this is me, resting. I haven’t run in well over a week, almost two weeks. I have been wearing my cushioned supportive Saucony Virrata’s for two weeks now, even to work. Everyone comments on the bright colors and loves the shoes. What I love is that they’re zero drop, so they are just like wearing minimalist running shoes, with a bit more cushioning. I thought I wasted my money on these several weeks ago, but now I’m finding, nope, they came at just the right time!

I have big news to share… well, maybe I should keep it to myself until after? Oh, well, Chris told me I have to run/walk the half marathon. He’s not letting me get out of this one, even with an injury. Now, my injury has improved 1000% even though I feel some tenderness here and there. We figure if I run/walk it that I will save myself from a further injury, I can gauge my needs and not overdo it, and I will run it in my cushioned Virrata’s (above) instead of my Merrell’s which have no cushion for pushin’.

I went to Sports Authority to pick-up my race bib last night. I thought I’d get the race t-shirt as well, which then I could skip the race altogether. They didn’t have the shirts?! To get my shirt I need to race and get it after the race! Another sign to “Just Do It” – I want my shirt!

On top of that, I bought these running shorts with undies in them for $4! I got them because
1) I’ve never run in running shorts especially with built in undies (usually run in soccer shorts)
2) they were green and I thought I’d go with the whole running watermelon motif for the first time and actually match during a race – hot pink/green shoes, hot pink compression socks, green shorts, pink top/jacket
3) they were $4 to test out these shorts, which is not a bad deal considering I need a pair or two

If anything, my legs look good in these when walking around 🙂

On another serious note, I need to be united with other runners after what happened in Boston. I realize the bombers probably weren’t attacking runners per-say  but it was a large event to go after.

Regardless, I feel like the race on Saturday will mean that much more to be a part of, running united together in a mission. I am not afraid for myself, but I do hope Chris and Miles stay safe. I told them not to come, but Miles ignored me and Chris said how could they not go? I came up with a bunch of reasons why, but he said not to worry about them. Man, he’s too supportive sometimes.

So, about my running outfit for the race. We’ve been asked by the organizers to run in blue/yellow to show our support for Boston. There is supposed to be even more media coverage of this race. Wahoo! I’ll let you know if I end up on camera (no, really, I’ll be hiding).

With that said, I have been racking my brain as to what I can wear to the race to fit those colors. I have blue shorts, a grey shirt with yellow writing, and a light blue jacket. My shoes must stay the same and my compression socks are green, purple or pink.

There we have it people. For once, I was going to match and look like a runner and instead, I’m going to look like my usual clashing hot mess. I need your help though…

What color compression socks should I wear with my blue/yellow outfit?
a) purple
b) pink
c) green

And I had a hankering for coconut flour chocolate chip cookies last night at 9pm. More about those and recipes another day!

They were yummy!

Have you ever cooked with coconut flour?

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