What to Do the Day Before Your Big Race (or Not) | #runchat

I can’t believe four days ago, I was not running this half marathon. Then, three days ago Chris told me I was, I will and I need to stop making excuses. Oh, sorry, my foot injury was a fake… NOT. Anyway, my foot is feeling far better, but I’m definitely not in “race” mode, not even close.

If you ever questioned why I run the photography business and Chris is just my support, here’s your proof. He’s still learning how to use the camera, on my iPod…

At least I woke up to a nice morning message from my love. He has taken to writing something new each day as we wipe away the meal from the night before. We did not follow Friday’s meal plan…

Instead, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant! Probably not a smart idea to eat a chicken taco in a huge shell bowl the night before a race. It wouldn’t be the first time. Don’t try this at home. At least I skipped the beer, I’ll save that treat for the free one after the race. Oh yeah, free beer for runners.

Again, more proof why I wear the camera strap in this relationship. Um, where am I??

Oh, hey, yes, here I am. We were sitting on a bench waiting for Miles to wake-up from his mini nap on the way to going out to eat, the little bugger.

Here’s a little payback for taking such ridiculous photos of me all these years. Love you, man.

Wish me luck, hopefully I won’t need to tap a race official and say, “Please send a bus for me to go back home… I can’t do this anymore.”

Whatever you do, don’t turn on the TV. This week feels like it’s never going to end. God bless everyone in Boston. I’ll be running for you and your families tomorrow.

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G