A Celebratory Climb | #birthday #moments #rockclimbing

For Chris’ 32nd birthday I thought we’d do something a little different. They say the couple that plays together, stays together… or runs together, or prays together, or rock climbs together? I decided well over a month ago I wanted to do something special for Chris’ birthday instead of do the usual surprise party or buy him a funny t-shirt. So, I looked into Rock Climbing!

Now, I’ll be honest, I was somewhat worried about rock climbing together. We are both a little out of shape, and when I planned this I would have run a half marathon the weekend before, shot a wedding the day of and then went to rock climb with Chris right after. Ha. Boy, was I wrong. Instead, I didn’t run a half marathon, but I had a horrible foot injury and still shot the wedding, then went rock climbing. At least I did go see the doctor before attempting this, otherwise, I would have been in major pain.

I found an awesome rock climbing gym that was about 45 minutes away. I shot a quick wedding for a nice couple and then went home to change and pick-up Chris. Miles hung with Grandma and Pop-Pop at the park while we took off to have some fun.

Our private belay was Jenn. She was too kind and of course Chris didn’t mind her strapping him in, ha.

We climbed a warm-up wall first, and then headed over to different parts of the gym where there were taped courses. We started out trying to follow only certain climbs…

That ledge was hard to get over. I ended up jamming my left foot (non-injured!) and now have a massive bruise on my arch. Yay for healing and marathon training. Now both feet don’t work as planned.

We found a different route and Chris was battling it out to get to the top.

I think that’s as far as he got.

At least he was happy to get partially up the wall at times. These were some tougher courses. Each color is a climb.

I told Chris to get some photos of me looking hardcore. You can see on the bottom middle a metal bracket; that’s where I banged my arch and now have a super bruise and swelling. I did wear my Pace Gloves to climb, because my vibrams are in a bin somewhere…

Chris is fading in the background. I needed a selfie.

At this point, we were only 15 minutes into our private hour of climbing.

The last route we chose was a doozy.

Thanks to some children nearby who chanted, “you can do it, go go go” I made it up the wall. I told Chris after that my fall-back on thought is: “You gave birth naturally without drugs, you can do anything.” And, rightly so. Birth was the hardest thing I’ll ever do, bar none.

Chris tried so hard to get to the top, but he was fading. I give him credit for being so enthusiastic. We definitely want to head back here to try again in the near future. If we learn to belay each other, it’ll be even more cost effective!

Ah, the happy couple. I am so glad I gave Chris an experience to remember for his birthday. He’s still talking about it, and just had so much fun! I loved it, too. It’s great to get sweaty together 🙂

Speaking of sweaty?! I finally ran for the first time in 3 weeks pain-free (sort of). I had some rubbing where the brace was and my left foot is all bruised on my arch from climbing.

In the end, 3 miles completed… as a family! Chris actually enjoyed running together doing Galloway’s method 4 to 1 ratio. He finished 2.5 miles and then let me run on and finish my total mileage.

Miles is definitely my son. He loves to run barefoot! He had sandals that lasted .2 seconds.

And Chris photographed my feet, just so you could see how banged up I am. My left leg, on top of bruising on my arch has a big gash (from before climbing) and a whole torn piece on my knee. And somehow both knees have bruises on them.

Did I ever mention that I’m clumsy and tend to have bruises on my legs from walking into things and forgetting I did that? Do you ever go “ouch!!” and three days later say, where did that come from?

Finally, I feel great again. Of course, my body has A LOT of healing to do, but we’re heading in the right direction. I also realized today how much more core work I need to do. Maybe workout videos are in my future.

How was your weekend?

Equipment used: Canon S100 | iPod Touch 5G