Annihilating the Excuses and Choosing to Commit | #wellness thoughts

I mentioned the other day that my lower half is filled with bruises. I can’t believe how much I walk into things on a daily basis that remind me where these bruises are located. It’s bad enough to be bruised and broken, but to bump into them constantly adds a whole other layer. Today I somewhat sabotaged my effort to get out there for a run, because I was nervous my legs would get even more purple. I know that’s not true, but man, I am kind of avoiding exercise.

So, let’s first look at the damage… my ripped up arch from rock climbing: Don’t try this at home.

My scrapped up leg from a) walking into an open drawer and b) rock climbing.

My other bruised shin from… I’m not quite sure, but let’s go with rock climbing + my tendonitis brace.

And, there are more bruises above my knee caps, but they didn’t photograph too well.

I need to start following my word for May: Commit

Since becoming pregnant, oh, so long ago, I feel like I have been horrible when it comes to committing to anything. I barely can make a decision to order dinner from a menu, let alone commit to training plans and everything else under the sun. I feel like my brain has gone on the fritz and I’ve been working diligently the past six months to reconnect some wiring. Anybody else experience this?

I want to commit to getting my workouts in for the month of May. Not only finishing them, but committing to getting up at 5am every day and working out – will I regret saying – weekends included.

5am. Five am. Five a  m.

My morning mantra: Do you want to run this marathon or not? I just hope the answer is always a resounding YES. Or I could just repeat “commit” and think as few thoughts as possible while I run out the door, before I know what’s happening.

I haven’t done the greatest job of putting on my oxygen mask first, and then caring for those around me. Instead, I’ve been gasping for air, barely making it through, exhausted, stressed and breaking down (see: bruises/tendonitis) while doing for everyone, but me. Oh, cry me a river, I say to myself. So many people have it worse.

I will get through this slump, as I have made it through several more severe slumps in the past year. Once my body is back in full motion, it’ll feel like the entire world has changed for the better. It’s amazing what a short run will do to one’s whole perception…

Oh, and I forgot to mention that for Miles’ birthday he got his very own box of personalized Goldfish from my Aunt Bee. How awesome are these?? I finally let him have some 🙂

When I feel like a whiney punk, I just look at those chipmunk teeth smiling wide. Where did this happy child come from? He’s always smiling, playing, loving and soooooo easy to go to bed. He’s like the awesomest kid ever. No, you can’t have him. He’s my baby guy.

Here’s to posting to DailyMile my workout tomorrow morning. Keep me honest, ok?

Equipment used: iPod Touch 5G